Vía País capitalises on World Cup, South American football stars to attract new audiences

By Felipe Vitola

Vía País



Vía País is embarking on a challenging phase of its work with the changes in algorithms of major platforms like Facebook or Google Discover in mind. It is aiming to target the audience the site has gained through sections like sports.

The platform has already established a strong presence in verticals related to the entertainment section and its various segments. Recognising this, we understand that through sports content we can find those specific audience clusters we aim to capture.

There is growing interest and attention on football, making now the perfect time for media to take advantage.
There is growing interest and attention on football, making now the perfect time for media to take advantage.

Drawing inspiration from the tailwind of the football World Cup, the widespread interest in the sport, controversies, and social media trends, sports-related topics are now prominent in search engines and on social platforms.

For instance, figures like Lionel Messi attract a lot of attention. People seek stories about his sporting career, social life, or family. Their curiosity is wide-reaching — from the number of coaches he’s had to the latest photos posted by Antonela Roccuzzo on her Instagram account.

As the sports editor, it became evident to me that Vía País excels in major traffic sources such as entertainment stories and influencer content. The extensive diversification of social media has led several football-related names to become trending topics. This offers an opportunity for unique content that is scarce on leading platforms.

In collaboration with the writing team, our focus shifted toward harnessing content from social media and trends to create engaging stories resonating with audiences. We started producing trending content rapidly with intriguing and attractive titles, aiming to captivate users’ attention.

Remarkably, in just a month, the sports section of Vía País managed to gain a strong position in search engines, establishing authority in relevant sports-related topics. The content’s vibrancy and focus on current events made it evident that audiences seek answers to questions like what, how, who, and where.

The primary objective set by me as sports editor at Vía País was to develop a working approach, emphasising well-explained and up-to-date content to retain and engage the audience effectively.

In conclusion, the outlook for Vía País is positive, with a focus on highlighting the platform as an authority on sports-related topics. We are producing captivating content to encourage users to explore further. Understanding the global impact of sports opens doors to potential markets in Central America, the United States, and Spain.

The globalisation of entities and social media content related to South American football also attracts international audiences, further boosting Web site visits. The challenge is evident after a promising start, but we’re on the path to solidifying the audience and exploring new markets for further growth.

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