Pensacola News Journal’s positive, multi-media campaign woos non-traditional advertiser

By Melissa Puckett

PNJ Media Solutions crafted the “Pensacola Promotion” campaign to assist local business owner Quint Studer in his efforts to bring attention to positive developments in the community, as well as to promote tourism.

The well-received campaign brought national attention to Pensacola, as well as to the local business and business owner who funded the campaign.

Pensacolian Quint Studer is the founder of Studer Group, a local company that works with health-care agencies all over the United States. It falls in a non-traditional category because the company has little need for local advertising.

Studer and his wife, Rishy Studer, are also owners of the new Blue Wahoos baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds’ Double-A affiliate, which opened its inaugural season in 2012.

PNJ Media Solutions identified the Studers as passionate about the revitalisation efforts of the Pensacola area.Instead of approaching Quint Studer for advertising specifically to meet his business needs, we approached him about promoting his passion through an ad campaign that would highlight the Pensacola area and local accomplishments.

Through a variety of ads that included local print and digital (and were featured in USA Today), the Studers have had a platform to remind locals and visitors of why it is great to live in Pensacola. Additionally, we have helped them, through ad design, to recognise people and businesses that are supporting local causes for the betterment of Pensacola.

The ads highlighted businesses bringing jobs to Pensacola and its downtown, the surge in attendance at downtown events, and the newly developed Pensacola Community Maritime Park and its multi-use facility, the home of the Blue Wahoos.

Quint Studer received excellent results and feedback from the community and from all over the nation, as well as in minor league baseball circles for his promotional recognition of our area, the Blue Wahoos, and Pensacola’s new baseball park.

This promotional idea has inspired other non-traditional businesses, such as a local beer distributor and a law firm, to do the same.

Quint Studer is now interested in a similar print campaign, to begin this fall. He plans to get his goodwill message out through the power of our newspaper reach and the impact of a full-page advertisement.

PNJ Media Solutions has now established a “Quality of Life” rate for people or businesses that want to promote good things happening in our community. These discounted ads cannot be used to sell anything, only to recognise good things happening in our area.

Ad campaigns like these are great public relations tools that bring outstanding recognition to the content of the ad as well as to the person or business funding the campaign. In this case, thinking outside the box is not all about new media, but a new perspective on how to use our media solutions.

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