INMA launches daily e-newsletter for easier navigation, prompts


INMA today launched a daily e-newsletter designed to prompt members to new activities, content, and industry headlines.

Effective immediately, INMA members have the option to change their e-newsletter from weekly to daily distribution to better navigate the 1-2 daily articles and 10+ daily industry headlines posted to

Members may change their e-newsletter setting by clicking here.

Executive Director Earl Wilkinson said the idea of a daily e-newsletter came directly from INMA members. Said Wilkinson: “As we launched new features at in the past six months, an unsolicited piece of feedback was provided over and over from members: We love what you're doing, but if you don't prompt us in our busy days we won't see your content. Yes, there are too many e-mails, but we can manage a daily prompt.”

The default e-newsletter setting for INMA members will continue to be weekly unless they change to “daily” in their Settings page.

“We want to make INMA accessible, manageable, and digestible,” Wilkinson said.