What was hot online in 2013?


Happy New Year everyone!

As 2013 drew to a close a couple of weeks ago, every digital media outlet, from Google to YouTube to Twitter, was sharing its top news lists for 2013.

While I was posting and sharing all these lists on my blog, I tried to fish for a pattern among them.

Here are some of my observations:

  1. Humour and casual content are tops.

  2. We are not that different globally when it comes to pop culture – Jennifer Lawrence, K-pop stars, for example.

  3. News spreads fast and furious these days — in a matter of seconds and globally. Examples include the deaths of Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela, news of which trended worldwide online immediately.

  4. Online activities largely mirror what goes on in real life. In Singapore, the haze that enveloped the country in mid-July last year was the talk of the town online, just like it was in real life.

  5. Lists always work. Look at the number of top videos that are titled “Top 10….,” “Top 5….,” etc.! It’s no accident I am making a list here myself.

How is 2014 going to be for you? Have you made a list of resolutions?

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