3 things media can learn from viral YouTube vloggers

By Sumaiya Omar


London, United Kingdom


Some YouTube vloggers (video bloggers) are garnering millions of subscribers and producing shows with little DSLR cameras and a lot of personality. What can news publishers learn from them? I went to Summer in the City, the United Kingdom’s biggest festival for YouTube creators, to find out.

Here are three storytelling lessons we can learn from YouTubers:

Everyone with a smartphone is a potential storyteller. Major news brands are now sourcing talent not by journalistic credentials but by their ability to tell and share a good story.

CNN recently bought BEME for US$25 million. It was a failing social media app, but the company was more interested in working with the founder Casey Neistat.

If you haven’t heard of him, don’t worry; neither had most CNN staffers. But the company’s president allegedly got word from his teenage son that Casey was “the only person who matters in media,” and the deal was done soon after.

As old media houses seek young audiences, they’re increasingly relying on a new generation of storytellers who understand how to produce truly made-for-social formats. Television has no place here.

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