You can tell a lot about Irish newspaper habits by looking at their grocery shopping ethics


Survey reveals grocery shopping habits of Irish newspaper readers
Survey reveals grocery shopping habits of Irish newspaper readers

For the fourth consecutive year, The Irish Times has invested in Kantar Media’s TGI (Target Group Index) Republic of Ireland survey, which provides invaluable insight into media consumption habits across the Irish population.

In addition, the survey offers subscribers a vast bank of consumer data, with more than 2,000 measured brands across 18 industry sectors and multiple sections exploring consumer behaviour and attitudes.

Compared against previous years, the 2012 survey release reveals a steady growth in the amount of Irish adults supporting nationally produced goods – expecting quality, fresh food from their supermarket and rejecting genetically modified (GM) food products.

In 2010, 416,000 Irish adults strongly agreed they buy free-range products whenever they can. Last year, 453,000 strongly agreed – revealing an increase of 9%.

Meanwhile, the number of Irish adults strongly agreeing they would never buy GM food increased by 25% since 2010. The number that strongly agreed they only shop at supermarkets selling quality fresh food grew by 18% in the same timeframe.

An interesting insight for Irish newspapers is the difference of engagement on these issues between high and low frequency newspaper readers.

In 2012, 28% of daily newspaper readers strongly agreed they buy goods produced in their country whenever they can, giving an index of 35% more likely than the average Irish adult. Conversely, 17% of low-frequency readers (reading once a week or less) strongly agreed, making them 18% less likely on average to do so.

Similarly, high-frequency readers are 23% more likely on average to buy free range products whenever they can, while their low-frequency counterparts are 16% less likely than the average among the Irish population.

High-frequency readers are more likely to prioritise shopping at supermarkets that sell high-quality, fresh food: 37% strongly agree they do so, versus 24% of low-frequency readers.

Among high-frequency readers, 38% strongly agree they purchase fair-trade products where available — 25% more likely on average compared with 32% of lower-frequency readers.

In a challenging climate for both grocery retailers and national news media providers, TGI proves an invaluable tool for newspapers such as The Irish Times in attracting advertising from this industry sector by providing robust trend analysis on these issues.

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