Research: Advertising on trusted media platforms increases brand preference

By Erik Grimm

NDP Nieuwsmedia

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


While assessing an advertisement, consumers weigh the trust they have in the media platform. Therefore, advertising in trusted media provides significantly more impact.

The effect on brand preference is more than 50% stronger than with media platforms that are considered unreliable. These are new insights from a neuromarketing study by IPG Mediabrands and Sanoma.

Research reveals trusted brands generate more trust in their advertising.
Research reveals trusted brands generate more trust in their advertising.

In this study, conducted by neuromarketing research agency Alpha.One, 2,398 respondents viewed ads on different Web sites. They were shown three brand advertisements on 11 different Web sites. The unconscious brand associations of the respondents were measured with a so-called “implicit association test” (IAT). IAT is a technique used to determine the attitudes of respondents without the respondent being aware of them.

The motive for the research was the diminishing trust in media due to phenomena such as fake news and Cambridge Analytica. The researchers wanted to determine the influence of trust in media on the impact of advertising. With this information, communication professionals can adapt their campaigns and media strategies as an answer to these new threatening developments.


The number of served impressions is not the only driver for advertising impact. The reputation of the platform on which you advertise is also important. When the ad’s context is experienced as reliable, the positive effects on brand preference are significantly stronger. It does not matter whether respondents are by nature of good faith. The frequency of visiting a Web site does not have an effect either.

The researchers recommend the perceived reliability of media brands be taken into account in media planning. Dennis Hoogervorst from Sanoma said: “A trusted media environment is therefore not only important for consumers, it’s also favourable for advertisers. Trust in the media brand has a positive effect on the advertising brands. “

Trust in news media

The proven value of trusted media brands is positive for news brands. Recent research by Reuters shows news media in many countries rank at the top in the field of trust. A possible positive effect of trust in media brands on the adverting impact is obvious. This innovative, implicit research design managed to deliver proof.

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