Product lead at Apple’s No. 1 app shares 3 theories on its success

By Jodie Hopperton


Los Angeles, California, United States


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Sometimes it’s good to look outside of the industy, as we’re doing with this week’s Q&A with Dun Wang, chief product and growth officer at Calm, the No. 1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Calm was named Apple’s 2017 App of the Year and Google Play’s 2018 Editors’ Choice, so I thought this group would be interested in what Dun has to say about product leadership, development, and team building. 

Dun Wang is chief product and growth officer at Calm.
Dun Wang is chief product and growth officer at Calm.

Q&A with Dun Wang

Jodie: You went from product lead for Yahoo News to Calm, a meditation app which was relatively young. Aside from moving from a corporate to start-up, what were the biggest changes for you as a product leader?

Dun: At Calm, I had to build a team, which involves hiring, inspiring, and mentoring people around a mission. The type of people who are successful at early-stage start-ups have very different DNA than those that thrive at big companies. Its important to find that talent-company fit.

Jodie: Under your watch, Calm was named Apples 2017 App of the Year and Google Plays 2018 Editors Choice. Can you point to product choices that you made that contributed to these outstanding accolades?

Dun: There is no formula for winning such prestigious accolades, but I believe its a combination of ... CONTINUE READING

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