UK publishers, advertisers help readers support Ukrainians in need

By Lewis Boulton


London, United Kingdom


The horrific scenes the world has witnessed in Ukraine need no introduction. Millions of us have been following reports from courageous journalists and news crews on the ground. The stark stories of destruction they have shared lay bare the desperateness of the situation for both those who fled and those who stayed behind.

Here in the United Kingdom, feelings of despair, anger, and helplessness have led many to take action where they can. This was seen in the flurry of activity from across the British news industry within days of the invasion, with extensive coverage and high-profile fundraising and awareness campaigns still going strong today.

Advertisers have also found news brands important spaces in which to speak about what’s happening in Ukraine — both to readers who want to help as well as other charities and organisations that could use their support on the ground.

Here are some powerful examples of brands and organisations using news brands to get behind the country’s efforts to support Ukraine:

United Nations Human Rights Commission

This simple and striking ad from the UN Human Rights Commission shows how digital wraps can easily help readers help others. It also demonstrates the urgency of the unfolding crisis. With buttons leading directly to ways to donate to the UN’s humanitarian efforts, giving money is as easy as a tap or a click.


Tesco’s famous slogan has been “every little helps” for longer than I’ve been alive, guiding the supermarket’s principles for almost 30 years.

However, those three words have never felt more appropriate than in its latest campaign, which allows customers to donate money at tills or Clubcard vouchers online. This ad cuts through the fuss and helps readers know exactly what they can do.


As this ad shows, shoppers have also been helping in similar ways at Sainsbury’s, whose long-standing partnership with nationwide fundraising body Comic Relief has helped form the supermarket’s Ukrainian Crisis Appeal.

This ad not only outlines all the ways Sainsbury’s shoppers can donate but also thanks readers for their generosity by recognising that their contributions have reached £500,000 so far.


Most of the ads in this list are directed at readers themselves. That makes logical sense, of course: News brands are used by everyday people to make sense of the world around them through journalism they trust. But everyday people are also citizens, employees, decision-makers, and, in this case, charity workers.

This ad from Vodafone speaks directly to those charities on the ground helping those fleeing violence, asking for their help to keep refugees connected during frightening and uncertain times.

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