The “golden quarter” is promising for some Black Friday advertisers

By Lewis Boulton


London, United Kingdom


After months of speculation and anticipation, one of the most awaited advertising periods in recent times has finally come and gone. With arguably the world’s biggest sporting tournament outside the Olympics coinciding with the festive season and the recent adoption of Black Friday, the so-called “golden quarter” felt particularly shiny this year.

But the excitement for such a rare advertising event has almost certainly been tempered by external events and difficult economic conditions for both households and advertisers. The war in Ukraine and a world still emerging from the pandemic has combined with controversies surrounding World Cup host Qatar’s human rights record to dampen the excitement around Black Friday celebrations.

Here are some thoughts written before Black Friday:

With fewer Brits expecting to spend money in Black Friday sales this year, every advertising pound spent counts. Newsworks recent RAMetrics research found that three highly active sectors in the festive promotions could expect to reap better brand effects than the news brand average: large retail brands, apparel, and tech advertisers.

Here are some stand out examples of news brand ads from these sectors during this year’s Black Friday season.


The supermarket cuts to the chase with exactly what readers expect. Front and centre are fantastic deals and low prices on all the things that matter in life, whether that’s keeping teeth healthy or transforming into the Disney princess of your dreams.


Not to be outdone, competitor Lidl brings its famous middle aisle to news brands. All readers need to figure out how to fit both a king-sized mattress and a 55-inch television in their shopping trolleys.


Brace yourselves everyone, the catalogue connoisseur means business with its Black Friday sale. With shoppers eagled-eyed for the best deals, this is yet another example of an ad letting its prices do the talking.


‘Tis the season to make memories, according to the iconic jewellery brand. This beautiful digital wrap is a reminder of how a single moment can bring joyful memories that last a lifetime.


No need for thousands of open tabs this year: Very comes to the rescue as readers’ home for Black Friday bargains, including on fragrances.


Technology brands have also become Black Friday staples over the past few years, and Currys doesn’t disappoint. The one-stop shop for electronics leans into “Fri-yay” fever with great deals on display in print and online.


eBay might not have previously been front-of-mind for savvy shoppers looking for Black Friday deals. However, with second-hand and refurbished goods becoming a bigger consideration for consumers thinking both about their wallets and their carbon footprints, the auction site entices with big bargains on tech.

These are strong examples of Good Friday campaigns. Time will tell how the actual sales played out.

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