Newsroom transformation is much more than just print-to-digital

By Amalie Nash


Denver, Colorado, United States


Newsroom transformation” is a concept that became popular as legacy newspapers were immersed in the complicated and often messy process of thinking digital-first. 

Many remain in the midst of that process, tethered to legacy cultures and workflows. Transformation has been used to describe such changes as publishing digitally before print, introducing metrics like pageviews and conversions to our newsrooms, and eliminating print-focused meetings. 

Those are important changes, to be sure. But my hypothesis:

Newsroom transformation is less about processes and platforms, and more about ensuring the journalism we produce is relevant to readers. 

We need to be more audience-centric. More focused on what the data tells us. 

We need to deliver the news in the formats and at the times that readers want it. We need to be more engaging. We need to inspire, be constructive, offer solutions.

Starting its third year, the INMA Newsroom Transformation Initiative has narrowed its focus.
Starting its third year, the INMA Newsroom Transformation Initiative has narrowed its focus.

Transformation isn’t simply translating traditional news onto digital platforms faster — it’s about rethinking the role of news and how the success of our journalism leads to the success of our business. 

Some areas of focus for the initiative this year will include: 

  • Redesigning a newsroom for the future. 
  • Understanding the metrics for success. 
  • Combatting cultural inertia. 
  • Getting serious about our “stop doing” lists.

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