Fortune optimises subscription targeting on premium journalism

By Amalie Nash


Denver, Colorado, United States


Fortune Media is on a transformation journey, calling itself a 94-year-old startup.

During the recent INMA Media Subscriptions Summit in New York, Fortune Chief Customer Officer Selma Stern walked the audience through the success it has seen in growing digital subscriptions through such tactics as pricing optimisation and paywall targeting.

The stat that jumped out to me: 1% of pageviews yielded 25% of subscriptions. 


From a consumer marketing perspective, the lesson is to optimise subscription targeting to protect ad revenue.

In other words, if you can identify the content likely to drive subscriptions and dynamically serve that to potential subscribers while keeping other content free, you’ll grow subscriptions and audience at the same time.

But there’s also a lot to learn from the newsroom side. What is the 1% of content playing such an outsized role in subscription conversions? How can we do more of that content and cut back on other content not yielding those results?

It’s so important for subscription-led news organisations to pay close attention to the topics resonating with potential and existing subscribers — and to tailor their content strategies to match.  

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