Video campaign increases ad revenue from Fairfax Media’s magazine inserts

By Carly Staunton

We at Fairfax Media identified Good Weekend’s 30th anniversary insert as an opportunity to share the strengths of our magazine portfolio with our clients and to celebrate the long-standing relationship of a much-loved publication.

While we traditionally use the written word to tell our stories, we wanted to demonstrate our innovative, forward thinking attitude for this campaign. Video was the medium that offered the strongest impact in showcasing the magazine’s iconic style of emotive storytelling and powerful imagery.

We deliberately wove human interaction into the production and delivery of our video devices, placing our stories directly into the hands of our customer. The overwhelming response from our clients demonstrated just how unique this tactic was.

Our objectives for the “Good Weekend” 30th Anniversary campaign were to:

  • Re-ignite interest in “Good Weekend” and use the anniversary to show our commitment to a quality product.

  • Drive advertising revenue into the 30th anniversary issue.

  • Retain existing clients of the magazine and engage new clients by highlighting the strengths of Good Weekend to advertisers.

  • Disrupt agencies and marketers at their desks and stimulate conversation.

  • Highlight the magazine’s premium appeal for advertisers wishing to share their own brand stories within our collection of superbly written human stories.

Our delivery modes included the following:

  • Three emotive videos that shared “30 Years of Human Storytelling” — the brand story from past and present editors and highlighting the strengths of the audience.

  • A direct mail activation, including an interactive flyer with built-in video players to house the video content and a letter from the editor, personally delivered to our key advertisers.

  • Trade media advertising campaign, including digital creative that ran across Adnews, B&T and Mumbrella, as well as Media I, driving traffic to the landing page.

  • Advertiser launch event for our top clients, featuring a special a performance by Good Weekend cover girl Missy Higgins and a panel of editors past and present sharing their stories behind the stories.

  • PR leveraged from the event, along with editorial profiles and interviews throughout the lead-up to the issue. The press release was picked up by: Campaign Brief, Mumbrella, AdNews, B&T, Marketing Magazine and NewspaperWorks. 

The Good Weekend 30th-anniversary campaign was successful in generating advertising demand through awareness and market noise. The campaign delivered exceptional year-over-year (YOY) growth not only for the issue, but for the entire quarter.

The campaign resulted in the following gains:

  • Positive impact on budgeted revenue for the issue with year-over-year increase.

  • Positive impact on revenue following special issues of the magazine.

  • More than AU$56,000 in PR generated around the launch.

  • Exceeded expected PR value generated around launch.

  • Continued retention and growth amongst loyal clients.

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