The mobile tsunami: a priority for news publishers


mobile tsunami
mobile tsunami

DDo you have budget allocated for mobile strategies in 2011? Do you have someone on your team responsible for mobile strategies, or is that for “everybody”? Do you have a smartphone with Internet access? Have you ever accessed a Web site using your smartphone?

OK, if you answered “yes” to the first two questions, you are going to survive. If you answered “yes” to the third and fourth questions, you are already part of the world that will survive.

I am pleased to continue this exciting new INMA blog, launched a few days ago by my colleague and friend, Mark Challinor, in the United Kingdom.

There is a “mobile tsunami” on its way to hit your office walls, and you need to be prepared. The newspaper industry missed the boat when the Internet wave hit. Now, there is another opportunity - but the wave is much bigger and it's coming fast.

When the Internet first started, it was something “cool.” But it was based on a dial-up connection and it started with just a few thousand users less than two decades ago. It was a promise, and the promise became reality. Just check the advertising revenue growth rates in your company.

The mobile world is different. Mobile is not a promise. It's already a reality.

According to the Gartner Group, there are around 5 billion mobile phones today in the world, led by:

  • China: 841,911,453
  • India: 729,569,763
  • United States: 285,610,581
  • Russia: 213,932,901
  • Brazil: 202,940,987

The United States and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are the leading countries in the mobile landscape.

In the United States alone, more than 160 devices are sold per minute — 20% being smartphones. And smartphones are being sold in a bigger ration every month, making the smartphone base grow much faster than the “just for talk” device.

This is the “mobile tsunami” moving faster and faster.

So, what's in it for me? What can I do to surf this tsunami?

All we hear is that the newspaper industry has so many challenges to take care of: declining circulation, softening revenue, more competitive classifieds, and more.

It is difficult to focus on any other thing if you have so many troubles to deal with every day. Right?


We all know what will happen with circulation in the near future, and we have to take care of readership now across platforms — including mobile. Right?

Revenues are coming from many different sources every day — including mobile. Right?

Classifieds are changing, and people don't have their computers in hand when looking for a new home — yet they have their mobile devices. Right?

Take a look at what The New York Times is doing with their mobile classifieds solution.

Well, if you didn't agree with any of the questions above, I am sorry to say that you will not survive the mobile tsunami.

On the other hand, if you agreed with all the questions, now you have to think: What am I doing to take advantage of these opportunities?

In the coming months, the INMA Mobile and Tablets for Newsmedia blog will bring what the world is doing best in mobile initiatives to help you with new ideas and projects for you to survive the mobile tsunami.

We will not only bring you some mobile life vests, but the helicopter for you to see everything from above and have the best mobile coverage for your newsmedia company.

The mission of our blog is “to be the worldwide reference guide to growing and engaging news audiences via mobile and tablets; to attract mobile revenue via advertising, sponsorship, and subscriptions; and to own the market for mobile news.”

Count on us!

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