The IKEA trail and what it means for your mobile products


My wife asked me last week to look for a new sideboard for the living room. No problem. A standard piece of furniture which should be easily to be find. I thought.

A visit in a furniture store is a complex and often time intensive event especially for us men. Starting with a clear focus, in my case a simple sideboard, the desire wakes up. Inspired by the full range of furniture you are running from the living room section to the kitchen area, children’s section and bathroom area. And always right through the whole furniture store, always in fear that you missed something.

The IKEA experience next Saturday was completely different. What a blessing for me. You don’t need to think about the order of departments. Just follow the stream, it will bring you everywhere. And the range is clear and well structured. Wonderful!

And this is what I advise every Web site master: Build your mobile Web site or app based on the “IKEA trap” concept. The key figures are simple but not often executed:

  • Guidance: show the user the main road.

  • Always forward: structure your content as a content chain.

  • No dead ends: related articles are O.K., better are next of the same channel or other important news out of the other resorts (e.g. “most read").

  • Cashier at the exit: place ads and m-commerce offerings at the end of the news stream. The reason: your user has now got the most important news and is open for the next influence.

What you will receive:

  1. More satisfied users who feel informed, without fear of having missed something.

  2. High number of repeat visitors: here I can let myself go and I get a full package of content.

  3. Economic success: Satisfied users are the best shoppers. You will receive better click-through rates and conversions for your advertisers.

We found the perfect sidebord, as well as a lamp and tealights, of course. A successful Saturday — thanks to IKEA.

Create your own mobile IKEA trail — the natural way of mobile navigation.

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