Smartphones + video = immersive advertising experience

The growth of the smartphone is having an increasingly important influence on creative considerations. Different creative opportunities are available to make use of the different functionalities of smartphones. With the increasing influence on the digital market, this is now the leading the choice of creative format.

New types of video formats are emerging, with mobile video trending, and Facebook and YouTube claiming more than 60% of video consumption on mobile. Portrait video formats (where the images fit the screen fully) provide a super impactful format to truly engage the mobile audience.

While vertical videos were once creatively frowned upon, the increasing use of mobile video has allowed it to flourish; the format provides a user experience where no adjustments to the screen are required before the audience can be immersed in the media.

Another format that is becoming increasingly popular is 360 video (many examples are collated here). Brands need to take the opportunity to stand out with this format.

Again, this is a new feature made possible by the functionality of smartphones and the ability to swipe to discover additional viewpoints via the video. This is a truly immersive experience and provides the ability to show multiple aspects of products and branded experiences, which adds scale to unique elements.

These formats are both clear-cut examples of how media channels are leading creative choices. This underlines the importance of all agencies working together to make the most of modern mobile technology to enhance the advertising experience as much as possible.

As the next year progresses, it will be interesting to see how these trends continue and if mobile continues to have this influence on creative.

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