Selling mobile to advertisers: a 10-point checklist for publishers


How do we sell mobile to our advertisers
How do we sell mobile to our advertisers

OOne question which keeps cropping up is: How do we sell mobile to our advertisers?

Many agencies and clients are not familiar with the mobile world, meaning we need to make our approach easy to understand. Here is a handy checklist for creating a mobile campaign proposal for your advertisers. Not rocket science, but you would be amazed how many people/publishers get this so very wrong.

1. Clarity for client: Make sure your offering/proposal is clear and concise for your client, making sure you spend time putting it into easy-to-understand language for the uninitiated. Not everyone understands this still new space.

2. Deadlines: The old adage of “perfect planning prevents poor performance” rings true. Allow for realistic deadlines from all those who contribute to its success — for example, how long will it take to build an app, what response times should you allow for. Don't be afraid to seek out and take onboard expert opinion in constructing your briefing document and don't just rely on “instinct” on what feels right. Sounds like a joke, but I have seen this so many times.

3. Get buy-in: Make sure everyone in the chain buys into the process you're offering. Everyone must feel they own it!

4. Metrics: Objectives and performance indicators need to be defined. Ask yourself if trending and evaluation metrics are in place. What are the client expectations here versus what do we want to release to them as part of the process? Get this agreed from the outset.

5. Integrated into multi-media: Try and not treat mobile in isolation. It needs to be included in all we offer as part of a truly integrated, multi-media campaign as an offering to clients/advertisers.

6. Be flexible: What we offer to advertisers may not exactly match exactly the client's expectations or brand fit. Expect to hone and amend to get the business.

7. Specialists: Use an internal or external agency mobile specialist. Maximise the potential of your offering. Very often the answers to our uncertainties lie under our very noses. Seek out those in or attached to your organisation that have specialist knowledge. These days, very often, newsmedia companies employ people who have extensive knowledge about mobile from past lives. Use their experiences.

8. Get excited: Realise that mobile devices are personal. Most people have their devices never more than a metre away from them, 24/7, always on. No other part of daily life has such a potential opportunity — if we get it right. There are unique components to a mobile offering that other digital and traditional channels can't offer. But let's make sure we convey the excitement of the space to our potential users!

9. Data intentions: Be clear about how you intend to collect and use mobile data (how it is to be used and what restrictions and opportunities this presents). Do you clearly show your intentions with clarity? Don't fall foul of local trade or legal requirements.

10. Long-term: Ensure you consider the long term. Mobile can and should be based around a long-term strategy. In dating parlance, it should be a long-term partner relationship and not just a one-night stand.

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