Mobile real estate classifieds: winning model brings revenues back


Today, the topic is mobile classifieds. Remember a few years ago when you were explaining the classifieds numbers to your company CFO, and then to the CEO, trying to make them understand why the classifieds revenues decreased? You were not the only one.

Most of the media companies around the world lost a big number of real state revenue dollars to Internet real estate classifieds. And the big majority of them just didn’t do much to change that game. They just saw the revenue decline and start cutting expenses and jobs.

But let’s talk about the ones that started thinking differently instead. They started analysing why the consumer was using the Internet to look for classified ads. And they realised that the Internet was delivering a better service, more efficient, straight to the point and easier to find different offers.

They understood that the consumer was looking on the Internet for the houses and apartments that were interesting to them and printing out the options that they would find more interesting. They also found out that when the consumer actually visited the property they did not have the computer with them anymore. But they did have their mobile phones!

And then, these companies that were thinking differently started developing new and convenient classified solutions for their consumers. They created mobile sites that have features like efficient search by price and number of bedrooms, but also innovations like geo-location based on “current location.” That would help in case the user was visiting a property but didn’t like it and wanted to know what else was in the same building or condominium or neighbourhood.

The mobile phone was in the right place at the right moment, and those media companies started using it to generate revenues that weren’t previously available. They created a new, innovative revenue source.

Some of those companies are also offering powerful classified ads with BeeTagg, the most powerful 2D code (or a better version of the old QR code), that can help a client run a print ad that also brings the possibility of “making a virtual visit to the property.” Those ads are charged a premium price, as they present much more information about the property than a regular ad.

Clients are trying them and creating new ways of using the classified ads to sell and buy real estate with their mobile devices.

Want to see a great example? See what the The New York Times is doing. Access their Webby award winner solution  and you will see a great real estate listing of properties all over the United States, including information, images, location and additional tools for advertisers.

When there is a useful and convenient tool available in the consumer’s hands, they use it — and your company can generate good revenues with it.

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