Path of social media revolution runs through 5.3 billion mobile devices


Much has been said about social media and network marketing, and how it is impacting and changing the world and people’s lives.

Skype recently announced its multi-billion dollar sale. Facebook had even the help of a blockbuster movie to show the masses what it is about.

Media companies around the world are talking about social media and networking every day. But if you are like me, you would be curious to know more about the number of people actively involved with all those Web sites.

So, here it is:

Web site Active Users (millions)*
Skype 663
Facebook 629
Qzone 480
Hotmail 364
Yahoo mail 273
Twitter 200
Gmail 193
Friendster 115
Badoo 115
Orkut 100
LinkedIn 100
Myspace 63
Yelp 50
Mixi 23
Open Table 22
Google Latitude 10
Tumblr 6

You may be asking, what is Qzone? It’s the Chinese version of Facebook, and it is growing in numbers by the minute.

When you look at the numbers, it’s no wonder why people and the media companies keep saying this is a huge revolution full of opportunities and challenges.

Pause for a minute and think about something else: mobile devices.

There are 5.3 billion active mobile devices in the world right now, and that number keeps growing. Of these 5.3 billion, 21.8% are smartphones, for a total of 1.15 billion active smartphones. That's more users than Skype and Facebook combined.

With that many mobile devices, consider for a moment the opportunities.

Have you developed your mobile strategy yet? Or do you think having an app will solve the problem?

A mobile strategy needs to be implemented with the dynamic the mobile landscape requires. Why not work with all those social media platforms and their active users, and take advantage of everything together to deliver your content to your own audience?

Local, hyper-local, national, international: there are billions of mobile opportunities waiting for you!

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