Build romance with mobile audience using gradual, careful approach


Imagine you are going on a first date. You are excited about this person you just met and are curious to learn more about him or her.

Which way will you approach this person? By slowly talking about yourself, asking questions about him or her, finding the things you have in common, and trying to impress with whatever you have that can make this person smile or be more curious about you.

Am I right?

Well, your mobile strategy should follow the same path.

Never start the conversation with a hard-sell message. Have the relevant information available in the right way, in the proper way. Make it important to the user. Your mobile site does not need to be a mirror of whatever you have on your Web site. Mobile is shorter, faster and straighter to the point. Not all the information needs to be there.

Be relevant and useful. Don’t try to impress too much. You are starting the mobile relationship, so be gentle. You don’t need to talk about your entire life on the first date, and neither should your mobile site have everything right now. Start with the 1.0 version, then evolve to the 2.0 version, then 3.0. And show you can help your audience; become interesting.

Don’t go too fast, or ask too much. Be free, engage, and then start offering more services, exclusive services, paid services. Make the audience trust you. And keep their trust by being valuable and fair. Because if they lose their trust in you, it will be very difficult to gain it back. What you take a while to build can be damaged in a heartbeat if you don’t take good care of it. So, take very good care.

But why all of that?

Just think that in some countries, more than half of the population is accessing the Internet using a mobile device. Roughly half of the population of countries in Europe and the Americas bought a new smartphone in the last six months, and 44% of the other half is willing to buy a new smartphone in the next six months. Many of them — given the new iPhone to be released — will become part of the growing iPhone users group that has the most engaging interaction with the mobile ecosystem.

And finally, many surveys confirm that the majority of smartphone users are not satisfied with the quality of the content available for smartphones, and half of them believe that the content available is not in the right format. Web sites are not the right format for mobile devices. Once those users see a brand’s mobile site, they start interacting with that brand in a complete different way.

More opportunities!

Wanna go on a mobile date?

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