Newspapers don’t die, they commit suicide ... but not here

By Martha Ortiz

El Colombiano

Medellin, Colombia


I asked myself several times how to define and introduce this blog post. Well, let me tell you something: This is a new adventure, and I don’t clearly know the “how” and “what” of this journey, but I do know the “why.”

Media is not dead.
Media is not dead.

The purpose of my blog post is to help rekindle media passion and pride. It is either that simple or that complex, depending of how do you want to see it. I have played inside the newsroom, keeping my grandfather company for as long as I can remember, so I truly respect his legacy.

But I dont work from nostalgia. Information is an indispensable asset for a free society. I work to honour it, protect it, grow it, and keep it sustainable.

I dont care if it is in print, digital, social, or something else. More platforms equal more opportunities and more fun.

A year ago, I read a sentence by Juan Antonio Zarzalejos: “Newspapers don’t die, they commit suicide.” I am afraid I agreed.

Well, this blog is ready for the fight to encourage debate and bring about new ideas that help us to reinvent the industry and deliver it to the place it deserves.

What to expect then? Maybe posts about leadership, innovation, “what if” questions, and interesting cases from my colleagues and me in Latin America. But what you can certainly expect is a happy commitment with a profitable future, because, in my blog posts, we are not crying. And, for sure, we are not committing suicide.

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