Los Andes’ Publicity platform enables self-service digital promotion for small businesses

By Luis García

Los Andes/Grupo Clarín

Mendoza, Argentina


Publicity is the digital advertising marketing tool for small advertisers in Los Andes’ online space. It allows companies to self-manage the promotion of a business, activity, or products.

The central concept of Publicity is to sell digital advertising in an easier way, as well as to allow small advertiser to manage the process on their own. It doesn’t even require an advisory role of a social media expert, an advertising agency, or media salesforce.

The self-service tool lets advertisers manage their own promotion.
The self-service tool lets advertisers manage their own promotion.

To do this, it uses the Los Andes platform, which allows a company to connect with the Los Andes’ market-leading audience at the exact moment when they are interested in the products and services that a company offers. Publicity can be used to promote a company, sell products or services, make a company more widely known, and increase traffic to a company’s Web site.

There are two additional main advantages: In a single platform, companies can cut the image to the size of the banner in a very simple way. And the price is strongly competitive in comparison with other social media marketplaces. This major achievement is due to the absence of intermediaries or executives to advise on the guidelines.

The functionalities of this development include segmentation by geographical area, age, and sex, among other features. It also allows companies to manage their investments depending on the scope of the people the company wants to reach.

The platform gives advertisers control over how their ads are displayed.
The platform gives advertisers control over how their ads are displayed.

Once the client finishes the previous steps of the ad circuit, the next part of the process is common. An e-mail reaches traffic with the conversion of people into impressions and the characteristics of the segmentation. The warning is activated. At the end of the process, a report is sent to the client by e-mail with the performance of the advertising sequence.

The innovative platform allows companies to build ads in a personalised way according to a company’s investment possibilities, and it has an interesting proposal for several services. In these times of a global pandemic, this is essential for delivery companies, which are providing new or different services and products according to specific country regulations.

Banner image courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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