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Financially focused Børsen creates growth for Dagbladet

By Alexandra Beverfjord


Oslo, Norway


Dagbladet (which is owned by Aller Media) is a popular journalistic newspaper that aims to update, inform, and entertain readers. The most important areas of substance for our users are news, sports, and entertainment. The daily newspaper reaches 28% of Norway’s population every day.

One year ago, Aller Media and Dagbladet launched a new business niche section under the name Børsen, which means “stock exchange” in English. Dagbladet has always covered personal finances for our readers. Over the past years, however, we have experienced increased interest from the readers when it comes to insight and information about the larger macro-economic picture.

Celebrating the new publication with cake.
Celebrating the new publication with cake.

Børsen has built traffic through two parallel channels:

First, articles are published on Dagbladet. This means they reach a big audience, since this is Norway’s second-largest digital newspaper.

Secondly, Børsen built its own traffic through its own app and Web site. This strategy has been a success. In one year, Børsen has gone from literally nothing to being one of Norway’s largest financial sites.

“Finance for the people”

In recent years, most national and international financial newspapers have put an increasing share of their content behind payment walls. Dagbladet wanted to make finance news available to everyone for free. A slogan for this initiative was that we should “bring financial news to the people.”

Financial journalism fits well in Dagbladet’s strategy. It strengthens our news coverage by adding an important aspect: the economic consequences of whatever is happening in the world.

The initiative was immediately successful among users when we launched in November 2019. And, it continues to grow: This month we sent out a press release stating we passed one of Norway’s strongest and best-known financial newspapers, Dagens Næringsliv, on unique users.

Impact of COVID-19

The traffic growth was also sparked by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Big news events often lead people to seek out big and well-known online newspapers to get updates on what is going on.

Børsen had an important journalistic task in this period. It explained to our audience the financial impact of the different decisions.

For example, the economic consequences a lockdown would have on different businesses or areas. These articles have been some of our best reads during the past eight months, said Martine Lunder Brenne, editor of Børsen.

Content strategy

“Explaining the news” describes Børsens content strategy. Børsen aims to take big and complex issues from the financial world and explain them so everyone can understand. This also fits very well into Dagbladet’s tabloid expression. “Finance for the people” has been our slogan within the newsroom.

Børsen has also leaned into the more entertaining aspects of financial journalism, such as expensive houses and cottages. We are sure that this mix is one of Børsen’s biggest advantages.

We have been tracking our target group closely, which is another important success factor for Børsen. For now, we are hitting the bullseye by targeting people who are more educated, higher paid, and more centrally located in the big cities than the average Dagbladet-reader — and this is something we will keep tracking.

In other words, Børsen has proved to be a successful add-on to what Dagbladet offers its audience.

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