Just for INMA members: Exclusive analysis of your newsroom’s transformation


During the INMA World Congress in San Francisco, publishers from all over the world considered the one and only question: How to shape their media companies for the digital challenges they already face.

No one has ever undertaken such a huge transformation before. Where’s the starting point? Where are the strengths and weaknesses in your own organisation? Are they in the newsroom determined to create the core products of a media company?

Here’s the gift: This story helps you modernise your newsroom. It’s just for INMA members: Click here and invest some time, and you will get an exclusive analysis.

Of course, a lot of consultants and so-called internal experts make suggestions, give hints, puzzle plans, and conduct change management. And after the change is completed, any change agent will tell you that his solution was the best of class, at least the best of what you could do.

But, how do they measure this? By the digital natives integrated in the workflow? By the content output they can count? Or by the complaints they don’t get?

In Germany, I asked the ones in the center of the workflow – the editors-in-chief and decision makers of the 100 most important newspapers. Half of them answered a multiple-choice questionnaire that divided the workflow into 40 pieces representing the perfect workflow of a completely integrated newsroom.

From their answers, I could set both a benchmark of the newspaper industry in Germany and individual gaps in 2010.

The results were published in a book called “The Heart of a Morning Paper Beats Online” (available on Amazon) and helped German publishers improve the efficiency of their organisations. They learned where the problems were. Is it a culture issue? Do we have the wrong people?

Is it just all about education and training programme? In what way do we have to restore the structure of our newsroom? After that, they knew what to do.

Now, this questionnaire is approachable for an international audience, and it’s exclusive for INMA members worldwide. Just leave your e-mail address and answer 40 questions as multiple choice. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes). You’ll get an individual analysis that tells you where to start change management in your company – and where not.

At the very least, this analysis will save you a lot of money consultants would have asked for.

If the participation rate is sufficiently high, you will get the international benchmarks to compare your company with.

Just click here and invest some time. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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