The online video love triangle: consumers, advertisers, Google


People love video. With its moving colour and sound, brands today tell their stories on a seemingly unlimited canvass.

For as long as nearly the oldest among us remember, video has been a part of our lives. It has entertained, educated, provoked emotion, announced wars, showcased sporting champions, announced current events, and provided a forum for every imaginable topic.

It’s no wonder that video is surging now online.

Machines love video, too. Google is one such a machine. It loves video so much it operates YouTube, the world’s biggest video search engine. If you’re running a digital agency — or if you’re just in the media space helping small- and mid-sized businesses with digital — sit up and pay attention to the benefits of online video.

In 2014, digital video advertising spending grew 56%. By 2018, the U.S. online video ad market is expected to reach US$12.8 billion. Currently YouTube owns about 20% of the marketplace.

But why should our local SMBs care about video? Because people love video and machines love video. Welcome to the video revolution.

According to eMarketer, 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, or communications purposes. They are confident it works.

Speaking of confidence, 52% of consumers say they are more confident purchasing online when watching a product video first. And more than three out of five consumers spend two minutes watching a video for a product they plan to purchase. Video builds trust and credibility, educates, and builds relationships.

Google gives more ranking power to online video because it knows video gives the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Online video is about getting found, and it’s about selling.

If your media’s digital agency is providing social media services, it makes sense to add video creation and optimisation. Getting into the video market can be simple. Forget about hiring high-priced directors and producers. You client’s message can be set to video cost effectively.

At Local Matters Digital, we put the so-called montage video to work. We understand the benefits of optimising the YouTube space, and so do our clients.

The montage is a short video production. It benefits our clients by helping them play in the growing video world. Once we optimise their custom YouTube channel, their montage video is optimised for key words and geography.


How is it delivered at such a high value and low cost to the client? The prime ingredients are high-quality photographs and images, usually supplied by our client. The script is written to educate consumers and to create awareness and preference. The professional voice talent and music bed complements the message. Finally, all elements are polished up in editing.

The montage does not employ live action videography, nor is the work done on location. That saves money.


Video unleashes SEO power, too. Facebook made a recent change that gives video posts top influencing authority on its site. We encourage our clients to upload video directly to Facebook. A posted video carries more influencing power than a post with a link or photo.

Since Google owns YouTube, search queries are able to return results containing video as a thumbnail. This is a great tactic to get above the noise in the chaotic world of search.

If your client is the only search result containing video in a crowded category, they will drive search referrals to their site and customers through the door. What a powerful way to outperform competitors!

People love video. They have for decades. Machines – like Google and YouTube – love video, too.

Tell your customers’ stories with video. They’ll get found online and connect with their customers. That’s something our customers will love. And they will love you for it.

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