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Kleine Zeitung weekend editions relaunch with focus on reading, living

By Andrea Rachbauer

Kleine Zeitung

Graz, Steiermark, Austria


The Kleine Zeitung weekend editions were recently relaunched. It is a project intended to strengthen the position of the printed newspaper, take into account changing reading habits, and provide readers even more information and support in their everyday lives. Or, to put it briefly: to awaken the desire to read and live.

Reading attention and the desire to read are particularly strong during the weekend. The printed newspaper is also assigned as having a slowdown effect on the weekend. It creates spaces for recovery from everyday life and becomes a recreational oasis for the “digitally exhausted.” It is an invitation to slow down reading and enjoyment — without a screen and without the fast, continuous stimulus that characterises the weekdays.

That is the basic idea behind the newly designed weekend editions, which have been upgraded in terms of content and design.

The new weekend edition uses a magazine layout and appeals to a younger audience.
The new weekend edition uses a magazine layout and appeals to a younger audience.

With the relaunch of the weekend editions, Kleine Zeitung strengthens its position and unique selling proposition with a focus on younger and more female-focused content; more family, health, and culinary content; and a focus on the Alpe-Adria region (a region in the geographic three-country-corner of Austria, Slovenia, and Italy). These have shown to be valuable key topics for readers as well as relevant advertisers in surveys.

The relaunch of the weekend editions focuses on reader interests and was realised in an interdisciplinary project approach with the editorial know-how and market insights of the advertising and reader market.

The content concept as well as the new layout are more airy, lighter, more feminine, younger, and reflects a magazine layout. With a lot of creativity and tact — the feedback of the readers from focus groups and in many discussions with the editorial staff, advertising department, and reader market — new weekend editions were created. They have a clearly perceptible difference compared to the weekday editions.

This differentiation is also strong in terms of content: Saturday has a strong service and leisure character and offers orientation, overviews, and suggestions for an actively designed and eventful weekend. Sunday focuses on the beautiful, challenging, and interesting topics of modern life and allows more depth of content and interaction in the form of guest and reader contributions.

The launch of the new weekend editions is accompanied by a product campaign. Two communicative directions were pursued in the conception: In the first phase, curiosity is aroused about the realignment and relaunch of the weekend editions. In the second phase, which starts around the relaunch weekend, the innovations or product details are picked up in the subjects, and readers are invited to discover them with a special offer for the weekend print subscription.

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