Kleine Zeitung turns casual Gen Y visitors into loyal subscribers

By Andrea Rachbauer

Kleine Zeitung

Graz, Steiermark, Austria


Acquiring new digital subscribers is our overriding strategic objective, and we base our daily activities on this.

Based on the high usage figures of our freely available Web site content by people who use our Web site several times a week but have not been won over with the existing subscription products, Kleine Zeitung developed a new digital subscription product that focuses on people from Generation Y for subscription acquisition.

With the new digital subscription, Kleine Web + App Abo, we are aiming at a target group that mainly uses the freely accessible content on our Web site and is no longer used to a printed newspaper as a source of information. For this reason, the new additional digital subscription of the Kleine Zeitung, in contrast to our classic digital subscription, does not include e-paper (the digital 1:1 image of the print edition as an interactive pdf document) as a product component.

The Kleine Web + App campaign is intended to catch the attention of Generation Y readers.
The Kleine Web + App campaign is intended to catch the attention of Generation Y readers.

This product design enables us to keep the Kleine Web + App digital subscription within an established subscription price range of just over €10 per month, which is in line with international subscription offers such as Netflix and Spotify.

The less expensive Kleine Web + App digital subscription contains access to all contents of our Web site, as well as to our news app and the membership to our customer loyalty programme of the Kleine Zeitung.

In contrast to recent years, the annual campaign is not a pure image campaign that also highlights a product range on top. Rather, it was developed from the start primarily as a performance sales campaign for the introduction of the new digital subscription Kleine Web + App. Before the acquisition phase, the campaign started with a short but powerful image phase.

As in the campaigns of recent years, in the image phase we staged those brand positions of the Kleine Zeitung that we want to emphasise as relevant differentiation dimensions regarding the necessary approach to new customers in the younger target group of Gen Y. In this way, we wanted to prepare the field for the sales campaign and increase attention for a new Kleine Zeitung brand offering.

The performance campaign focuses strongly on the performance of the various online advertising media by basing campaign control on key performance indicators such as impressions, clicks, and conversions. By constantly adapting and optimising the advertising media (both in terms of content and design), the achievement of objectives should be guaranteed.

With the help of different advertising media, we gather a lot of knowledge in the acquisition of new customers in younger, digital target groups with this performance campaign. Among other things, we test different price communications, a fact-based and image-based formulation of our new product, and different call-to-action buttons. The aim is to achieve a maximum number of subscriptions to our new Kleine Web + App subscription.

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