Kleine Zeitung’s annual brand campaign results in 35% advertising recall

By Andrea Rachbauer

Kleine Zeitung

Graz, Steiermark, Austria


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a decrease in the number of events and appearances that Kleine Zeitung has been present at. Additionally, the publication’s perception in the advertising and reader market is limited. Therefore, we wanted to send a strong message about the Kleine Zeitung brand with an extraordinary annual campaign in 2021.

The campaign once again focused on the qualities, attitude, and orientation of the Kleine Zeitung daily newspaper brand, which are expressed both in its products and brand management. The campaign staged these brand positions with different campaign claims and matching core concepts, which are framed in an attention-grabbing and modern way.

The brand campaign achieved higher advertising perception, particularly in young target groups.
The brand campaign achieved higher advertising perception, particularly in young target groups.

Above all, the campaign was intended to attract younger target groups and present Kleine Zeitung as a modern, offensive brand that is cutting edge, achieve awareness, and create a positive perception of the Kleine Zeitung brand beyond the product.

Set against the campaign’s goals, representative market research results on the image campaign show attractive results. Overall, there has been a significant increase in advertising awareness (+7%) compared to the period before the campaign. Compared to the entire sample, the campaign achieved a significantly higher advertising perception in particularly young target groups (+5%). The results of the aided advertising recall (35%) provide nice proof of the campaign concept’s attention-grabbing power. This is 30% higher than in the previous year.

The campaign started at the end of September and ran until the end of October with intensive multi-channel media planning. Afterward, the intensity of the image campaign was reduced. It ran until mid-November as a complement to a reader market sales campaign that picked up on the campaign concept and focused on the acquisition of digital-only subscriptions.

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