INMA today released its 13th annual News Media Outlook report that looks at transformation, moving beyond  “print + digital” in revenue diversification, foundational elements required for the year ahead, and treatment of the new hybrid news brand.

“News Media Outlook 2014: Navigating the Minefield” is:

The new report will include free access to an accompanying PowerPoint overview and a Webinar, both to be released January 14.

Complete information on the News Media Outlook 2014 report, including a free executive summary, is available by clicking here.

In this closely watched annual report on the news industry worldwide, INMA looks at four key themes:

  • Transformation: The value proposition for stakeholders is increasingly about developing a transformation storyline.
  • Beyond “print + digital”: While digital capabilities are on the rise for media companies, the need to diversify revenue beyond “print + digital” is rising, too.
  • Foundations: Foundational elements are intensifying in the new media company: management capabilities and scale, platform-agile employees, a Big Data strategy, and culture.
  • The new news brand: Communicating who and what your company and brand represent as a multi-platform hybrid brand continues to evolve.

“News Media Outlook 2014: Navigating the Minefield” is a report based on the unique access provided by media companies worldwide to author Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. Bringing together conversations, interviews, conference presentations, and a multitude of INMA sources from 79 media companies, Wilkinson weaves a storyline of aspiration and concern for 2014.