Media executives sought for INMA, Berlin School of Creative Leadership scholarship

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


INMA and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership once again have partnered for the INMA Scholarship programme, which was introduced in 2015. The winning applicant will receive €20,000 tuition support, which will be applied towards the tuition costs of €53,000 for the Berlin School’s unique global Executive MBA in Creative Leadership starting March 17, 2019, in Berlin, Germany. 

INMA is passionate about the global media landscape. The return of this global scholarship competition reinforces INMA’s initiative to invest in the future of creative excellence in media. 

“Creativity and innovation in news media is important as companies across the world look to reboot business models,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “The INMA Berlin School Scholarship allows individuals and companies to invest in inspired, original ideas to meet the opportunities and challenges facing today’s delivery of quality journalism. This opportunity is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ chance to truly be on the breaking edge of news media innovation.”

The deadline to apply for the next Berlin School scholarship is November 15.
The deadline to apply for the next Berlin School scholarship is November 15.

Applications will be accepted through November 15, 2018, and will be judged by the Berlin School and INMA. Entrants to the competition will be considered on both their professional and academic profile, as well as their response to a special essay question about the news media industry (see below). 

“We’re delighted to continue our scholarship partnership with INMA for a fifth year in a row,” said Susann Schronen, CEO of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. “Today’s media landscape is pushing creative businesses with new and exciting challenges, making great creative leadership more important than ever. INMA’s community members are the perfect fit for the Berlin School global community, and we’re looking forward to welcoming another refreshing INMA Scholarship winner to the upcoming EMBA class.”

Previous scholarship competitions received entries from 20 countries and awarded scholarships to the following: Karolien Koolhof, project manager/editor at Algemeen Dagblad de Persgroep Nederland; Astrid Vasconcellos, marketing and communications director, Latin America at Twitter; Michael Boord, global director/digital services at Associated Press; and Georg Nimeh, CEO and founder at NIMEH & Partner.

Boord, the 2016 scholarship recipient, shared the following about his journey at the Berlin School:

Why did you apply for the INMA Scholarship at the Berlin School?

“News is very important to me, especially in the current politicized environment where attacks on free press are a daily occurrence. The tools of social media have enabled these attacks and increased the pressure on news organisations more than ever because of the scale of the audience that it can reach and the pace at which it can reach them. The industry, particularly local new organisations, is under threat as the traditional methods for financial support become obsolete as methods for consuming news becomes increasingly fragmented, where speed often takes precedence over accuracy, where news and opinion become harder to distinguish, and where government interference, political and business agendas and the ubiquity of content (often inaccurate) makes it increasingly difficult to survive in an increasingly commoditized world. Attacking these challenges requires flexibility and perhaps more importantly, creativity. 

“The Berlin School offered an opportunity to step off of the treadmill that I have been on for the last 25 years since my university days, working at companies both new and old, to give myself some space to grow, explore, and experience viewpoints and perspectives outside of my bubble. It was an opportunity to study in some of the world’s great cities with some of the most creative minds in the world, to approach problems and situations with new ideas and renewed purpose and to challenge (and break down) my own self-imposed boundaries.”

How does your experience at the Berlin School help you in your current job?

“There is no panacea to the challenges of the news industry. There is no one best or right answer. My experience at the Berlin School has reinforced that the symptoms and challenges in the news industry are the same as others are facing in other industries. The foundation of those challenges are often rooted in the same places. I have become a louder advocate and change agent within my organization. Not by running through the town square sounding alarm bells, but by developing solutions to navigate the new environment and by getting people to understand the cause and effect. I focus my team on flexibility, openness to change, and a willingness to try.”

What advice would you give to those considering a scholarship application? 

“The news industry needs innovative, creative people to sustain itself and to stay relevant in the current environment. This is a critical mission for societies around the world. I’ve seen the impact that great journalism can have, which often includes having a direct impact on improving or even saving lives. The Berlin School will challenge you to think differently, to open your mind, and to learn from other great minds. I say go for it.”


  • Executive MBA Programme: The Berlin School Executive MBA program includes five compact two-week modules that can be completed in an average 36 months for approximately 63 classroom instruction days. The programme includes modules in Berlin (three modules), the United States (one module), and Asia (one module), with Start Modules in March and September. The ideal scholarship candidates should be accomplished executives in the areas of news media, journalism, marketing, or a similar field as well as a strong professional background and track record of creative and/or business excellence.
  • Application deadline: November 15, 2018. Please visit 
  • INMA scholarship essay question: The digital revolution has hit the traditional news media hard. Media companies are facing massive disruption, consolidation, and a complete reboot of business models. Yet with every crisis comes opportunity, and the news media industry is now spawning whole new ecosystems. As a creative leader, tell us what you consider to be the best ideas or strategies for long-term health of the news media industry, and why? What are the best paths to grow paying readers, passionate customers, and potentially advertisers who want to be associated with these audiences? 

If you have any questions please contact the Berlin School at +49 (0) 30 884 980 90 or

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