INMA unveils 30 Under 30 Awards recipients honouring rising media leaders

By Paula Felps


Nashville, Tennessee, United States


INMA today honoured 30 young professionals as rising stars in the news media industry in its annual 30 Under 30 Awards. 

The 30 Under 30 Awards is part of INMA’s Young Professionals Initiative, and this year’s competition garnered a record 270 applications in July and August.

Now in its fourth year, members of the association’s Young Professionals Committee reviewed applications and voted on five award recipients in six categories: Advertising, Data, Newsroom, Reader Revenue, Leadership, and Product.

Criteria for selection included being under 30 years of age, early career achievements, insights into innovation, ability to influence, and likely management skills.

“The news media industry is rapidly changing, and these are the rising stars who are leading the charge,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “With this 30 Under 30 Awards competition, INMA is proud to elevate these young professionals and help them blaze a path forward at this critical juncture for our industry.”

Beyond global recognition, INMA 30 Under 30 Awards recipients receive: 

  • Membership to INMA for one year.
  • Free access to two INMA master classes.
  • A complimentary ticket to INMA’s Media Innovation Week.

Winners in each of the six categories, coming from 18 countries, are:



Rosalinde Czysnok
Client Solutions Director
News Corp Australia


About Rosalinde: Despite her young age, Rosalinde has already proven herself as a leader in every sense of the word. Using her unique blend of creativity and commercial insights, she has risen quickly through the ranks and today is accountable for three teams and A$90 million in revenue. Her gift for identifying trends within the digital space and creating new solutions led to News Corp Australia developing new ad units for the company’s mobile app that attracted clients while maintaining the integrity of the editorial and audience experience. The app has become one of the company’s most commercially successful digital products and has been replicated as a best practice within the business. Part of what keeps Rosalinde motivated is her drive to do good for others. Living by the work/life motto “Be good and do good,” Rosalinde is determined to pay back her mentors, friends, and colleagues by helping the next generation. That begins with empowering and educating others, and highlighting important, meaningful stories: “Working in media provides a unique opportunity to shape societal narratives and bend the arc of history toward justice and progress,” she said.



Nusrat Jahan
Digital Marketing Executive
Prothom Alo


About Nusrat: As part of Gen Y, Nusrat understands how to reach a youthful audience, and her innovative ideas and campaigns have helped Prothom Alo attract the coveted Gen Z audience. “A big part of reaching younger audiences is making sure that the brand is on the platforms where they’re hanging out,” she explained. During the FIFA World Cup, she created a campaign for an advertiser using short-form videos delivered through social media — and reached 3 million engagements on social media. “Her practical experience with digital marketing has had a very positive impact on our platform,” said her supervisor, Mehboob Javed. And Nusrat is just getting started. Her goal is to become a leader in the news media industry as well as giving back to her community. She has contributed to several corporate value-building campaigns, including a campaign to teach menstrual hygiene via a comic book. “Because we live in a developing nation, we must educate people,” she said. “By doing so through our media, we establish a corporate value that has an impact on both society and corporate.”


Ann Marie Metzendorf
Product Marketing Manager
The Wall Street Journal
United States


About Ann Marie: Although she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism, Ann Marie’s innate creativity and interest in human behaviour led her into marketing. Now, she is responsible for the creative and marketing strategy of launching The Wall Street Journal’s podcasts, documentaries, and video series. As audio and video become more ingrained in the news media industry, Ann Marie is excited about what she can accomplish: “I would love to be leading projects that experiment with augmented reality, expansion into TikTok and new audio spaces,” she said. “It is the future of our business.” That forward-looking mindset has proven valuable to the WSJ. When Ann Marie detected the migration of video viewership from the publisher’s platform to YouTube, she created a YouTube campaign that resulted in a huge spike in subscribers and added millions of views to the WSJ Video Series. “Media companies need to learn how to quickly navigate new platforms and create their own channels of communication, and it takes new ways of thinking to do this,” she explained.



Md. Rayhan Ullah Rabin
Assistant Manager/Digital Media
Channel 24


About Rayhan: Not only does Md. Rayhan Ullah Rabin enjoy putting his digital marketing skills to work for his company, but he is eager to share his knowledge with others. In addition to his work at Channel 24, Rabin is a guest lecturer for the University of Scholars, and he has earned many certifications, including one in entrepreneurship from Harvard University. As the media industry embraces digital transformation, he said it will create a stronger environment: “By investing in innovative technologies, data analytics, and digital platforms, [we can] reach and engage diverse audiences,” he said. “Embracing digital platforms can also help combat misinformation and disinformation by providing reliable sources of information.” Rabin looks forward to driving more business growth by using innovative digital strategies, and one way he plans to do that is by staying ahead of industry trends: “Ultimately, my goal is to be a trusted advisor, providing strategic guidance and delivering exceptional results in the digital marketing realm, while contributing to growth of the media industry as a whole.”


Maria Inês Reis
Marketing Specialist


About Maria: When she left her career in architecture to pursue media marketing, Maria brought along several skills that proved useful, including deep analytical skills and an eye for aesthetics. Now she uses those tools to build digital strategies instead of buildings. She has successfully spearheaded innovative marketing campaigns that resulted in increased brand awareness and engagement for a variety of clients. She hopes to one day rise to a top executive role within the news media industry, and said she enjoys being part of a rapidly evolving albeit disrupted media landscape. “The shift to digital platforms has disrupted traditional revenue models,” she said. “Developing innovative and sustainable business models, exploring new revenue streams, and embracing technological advancements are essential to ensure the long-term survival and quality of journalism.” Leonor Soczka, subscriptions director at Público, said Maria has both the skills and desire to drive innovation in this changing media environment: “Her optimism and resilience in facing new challenges and ability to improvise translate into a growth mindset that adds human and performance value to our work.”




Jakob Halm
Product Manager/Testing and Growth
Der Spiegel


About Jakob: Since joining the Der Spiegel team in 2021, Jakob has made a big impact on the company. Working with the data and research team as well as the cross-functional funnel team, Jakob is responsible for managing tests and helping Der Speigel to become more data informed. Among his accomplishments have been developing new annual pricing for and, validating and improving the company’s price increase strategy, and developing measures for its propensity score. But what really sets him apart is his ability to talk with editorial colleagues and help them understand how to develop better hypotheses that will lead to building better products. This has led to building better products and helping other departments understand user needs. In addition to winning over hard-to-convince journalists, Jakob has made Der Spiegel more data informed and test driven. He is part of the company’s Junior Program, which helps young professionals move forward within the organisation, and continues to impress his colleagues with his knowledge and eagerness for continued growth. 


Mayu Kato
Global Senior Analyst/Vogue
Condé Nast
United Kingdom


About Mayu: Coming from the editorial side of Vogue Japan gives Mayu a unique perspective on how data and editorial can work together. When she moved to London in 2019 and took an internship in audience development for Condé Nast’s Vogue Global Network, she quickly distinguished herself by learning analytics and progressing rapidly up the ladder. Today, as a global senior analyst, she reports to a vice president and leads projects such as KPI forecasting for all 10 Vogue locations around the world, Met Gala forecasting and reporting, and monthly reports. Her dedication to learning new skills and building relationships is seen in the way her career path has advanced so quickly. Mayu has a rare blend of data skills, analytics, experience in editorial, and ability to tell a story in words and data. She's now a confident manager who brings innovation to her team — including implementing the use of AI.


Isabel Ng Yi Rou
Audience Specialist/Lianhe Zaobao
SPH Media


About Isabel: Although she is just three years into her career at SPH Media, Isabel is already considered the most senior audience specialist in Lianhe Zaobao's newsroom. Her ability to blend analytical skills with design expertise have made her a dependable and versatile talent, and she plays a crucial role in shaping the newsroom’s informed, strategic, and audience-centric decisions. Her collaboration goes beyond the newsroom, and she also works with non-editorial teams. As the go-to person on data analytics tools, Isabel is widely acknowledged and respected in the newsroom for her ability to glean valuable insights from data and present it to the newsroom in easy-to-understand ways. This has had a powerful effect on the newsroom, allowing it to optimise its reach, improve engagement, and better retain and convert its audience. Because of her deep understanding of so many platforms, Isabel has become an invaluable resource for in-house strategy and advisory support. She also is dedicated to improving the newsroom’s data literacy through regular internal communication and training initiatives. With her meticulous attention to detail and result-oriented mindset, Isabel is poised for great success in the industry.


Maria Sakki
Lead Data Analyst
Financial Times
United Kingdom


About Maria: In just four years at the Financial Times, Maria has made impressive strides — including two promotions that have taken her to the position of lead data analyst. And while she has an impressive grasp of numbers and data (backed up by a master’s degree in statistics), she is also well known for her exceptional people skills. With a rare ability to make complex topics easy for stakeholders to understand, she has been able to drive changes smoothly and create a sense of unity and cohesion amongst her team. This has led to developing a culture focused on data-driven decision making. Beyond her technical proficiency, Maria’s impact is seen in her ability to inspire and educate her colleagues, fostering a data-driven culture within the FT. Her adaptability and commitment to continuous learning have allowed her to excel in new product development teams and contribute to the FT’s growth.  


Mac Wilson
Development Team Lead/Data and Ad Tech
New Zealand


About Mac: Entering the news media world in 2021 when he became a senior data analyst, Mac quickly embraced the industry and has excelled in elevating NZME’s data-based advertising products. Since then, he has continued rising through the ranks, leading to his current role as development team lead for data and ad tech. Less than a year into the position, he has impressed his co-workers and superiors by taking the company’s ad tech practices to the next level. His innovation has included developing geo-location and identity solutions, deploying new tools and implementing practices that ensured all of NZME’s data analysts were using best practice tools and processes, and developing data pipelines to gather user attributes and store them in a centralised location so they could be accessed by other NZME applications. His combination of technical skills in data science and machine learning, a background in Web development, and a knack for strategic thinking has proven invaluable in his roles at NZME and has accelerated the creation and implementation of new projects. His ability to not only understand technical constraints and opportunities but to communicate needs and concepts to a non-technical team underscores how well he is suited for a future as a top executive in the news media industry.  




Lucy Blakiston
Shit You Should Care About
New Zealand



About Lucy: A now-successful media company began when Lucy was texting her two best friends instead of listening to a lecture on international relations. One of them suggested they start a blog called Shit You Should Care About — and they did. It was a side project for three years, but in 2021 they “decided to give it a real go” and now it is a leading news source for Gen Z, with more than 3.5 million followers on social media, a popular daily newsletter, and two podcasts. “My biggest passion is making sure young people are informed and in a way that isn’t going to impact their mental health,” Lucy said. “I want to give them the news without giving them the blues.” Since young people consume news differently, SYSCA uses TikTok and Instagram to deliver the news, but also encourages them to move to other platforms — which is where the newsletter and podcasts come in. One secret to her success is that she is willing to try anything: “The quickest way to get anything right is to fail reallllly fast with the things that are wrong,” she said. “And I have no hesitation when it comes to making a new platform work for us.” 


Gerardo Garza Castilla
Chief Product Officer
Vanguardia MX



About Gerardo: Bringing a unique blend of leadership skills, technological expertise, and innovative thought processes, Gerardo has already made significant improvements to Vanguardia MX’s operations. Since becoming chief product officer in January, his changes have helped double the number of registered users and triggered tremendous growth in Instagram followers. With his mind always on efficiency, he also found ways to reduce payroll costs while at the same time restructuring the technology department, increasing Web traffic, and dramatically multiplying online ad revenue. But he knows there is much more to be done, not just as an individual publication but as an industry. “One crucial aspect that needs improvement in the media industry is the way we connect with our users,” he said. “Ensuring our content is not only informative but also engaging and interactive, delivered in a way our audience prefers, is imperative to stay relevant and effective.” As he continues cultivating a tech-savvy environment, Gerardo said looks forward to creating an editorial team that harnesses the power of AI to create user-centric content, while at the same time driving digital subscriptions: “Embracing flexibility is key to keeping pace with the rapidly advancing digital era.”



Siu Kwan Katherine Cheung
Director/Student Business
South China Morning Post
Hong Kong


About Katherine: Starting as a marketing manager for a startup company, Katherine has spent the last seven years building an impressive portfolio of skills and accomplishments that point to a successful career as a leader. With expertise in both education and media, she has identified new market opportunities and has been instrumental in driving growth for South China Morning Post, said Ang Jin, chief growth officer: “Her strong leadership skills have been critical to the success of several major projects and initiatives. Her ability to think outside the box and drive innovation has been a great asset to our organisation.” Her accomplishments include implementing a digital learning platform for young readers, which delivered significant corporate value to the company. Long-term, Katherine has several goals she would like to achieve for herself as well as for SCMP. But on a broader scale, she also sees a place to make a positive impact by bringing fresh, new perspectives that are implemented within the news media industry: “I believe that bringing in fresh perspectives and ideas from younger generations can help to modernise the industry and make it more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.”


Corsin Heinzmann
Senior Manager/Strategy and Business Development
Ringier AG


About Corsin: When he first joined Ringier in 2016, Corsin was an intern for the business development team. After a stint at a pricing consultancy firm, he returned to the news media environment and joined Ringier’s Global Media Unit. His understanding of how to guide and motivate teams while supporting business transformation has led to him being given a significant amount of responsibility in a very short time. Now, he leads key strategic projects throughout Ringier’s international media portfolio in Switzerland, as well as central and eastern Europe. He is supporting the company’s Hungarian business as it makes the transformation from print to digital and has caught the attention of top leaders for his ability to create a structured plan for moving forward. “He demonstrates strategic thinking and is able to anticipate opportunities,” said one. “Moreover, he is resilient and adapts quickly to a changed environment.” His work on complex projects and ability to explain them in an easy-to-understand way has earned respect and admiration, but it is his ability to build honest, trusting relationships with his peers that has made him such a well-liked colleague.


Harun Momanyi
Founder and CEO
Tranquil Media Group


About Harun: As founder and CEO of Tranquil Media Group, a digital media startup, Harun uses his skills and understanding of the news media industry to fill the need for niche publications. Specialising in online publishing across markets including fashion, careers, and technology, Tranquil Media Group is known for its fresh content and out-of-the-box thinking. That was evident with the launch of Career Fodder, a platform Harun launched as part of the group. It is designed to help young professionals succeed in their careers by using relevant public figures — such as TikTok stars and musicians — to share tips and skills on career development. The idea has been a hit, reaching more than 20,000 people within one year of its launch. Harun looks forward to bringing more innovation to the industry and believes many great companies have been taken down by not thinking outside the box: “They stuck too long on traditional advertising or new mediums,” he said. “Now that AI is slowly taking over, media viability is even more critical. The ability of news media to remain independent while generating adequate revenue is paramount.” And that is exactly where he will target his efforts.



 Johannes Skov Andersen
Digital Storytelling Editor


About Johannes: In his early 20s, Johannes made a name for himself as a self-taught video photographer who showed innate talent for his craft. Since then, he has made remarkable strides in developing scrollytelling at Politiken, and he is recognised as an innovative digital storyteller, media strategist, and editorial leader who consistently blazes new trails. With an insatiable curiosity and sharp mind, he can easily bridge the gaps between various departments such as editorial, directors, design, and developers, fostering an environment that encourages innovative solutions and collaboration. Johannes was instrumental in integrating video into Politiken’s longer text-based stories, and as technology has evolved, he has continued introducing new ways to use images and graphics. Most recently, he has been exploring how to use AI in the newsroom and has created a list of tools that will be helpful for journalists in the near future. In addition to his willingness to help his colleagues improve their skills, Johannes also has worked hard to enhance his leadership skills, attending comprehensive in-house management courses and showing a commitment to quality that speaks to his passion for the industry.


Edna Mwenda
Business and Data Journalist
Nation Media Group


About Edna: After graduating at the top of her class with a bachelor’s degree in actuarial and data science, Edna began working as a cybersecurity analyst. She attended a few conferences in the United States and became fascinated with journalism. She then enrolled at Aga Khan University, graduating with a multimedia journalism certification. That led to becoming a business journalist at Nation Media Group, where she leverages her technical background to excel in journalism. “My background in a different field brings on board a range of technical skills such as programming or coding, data analysis, and sources in different industries,” she said. “Working with people from different backgrounds and experiences is also a key strength in creating an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.” She even used her experience to report on the growing threat of cyberattacks that included an awareness campaign to provide small businesses with essential information to protect themselves. That’s the kind of value she wants to continue to offer: “I want to influence positive change and policies that will propel the storytelling and communication to new frontiers. I see myself taking on greater leadership roles and driving positive change and conversations within the media landscape.”


Cwayita Nondula
Acting Content Editor
I'solezwe lesiXhosa
(Africa Community Media)

South Africa


About Cwayita: In just four years, Cwayita has gone from a student intern to an acting content editor at South Africa’s I'solezwe lesiXhosa, thanks to a combination of journalism skills, strong work ethic, and leadership abilities. She also is willing to use her skills on projects outside her normal duties, which has only helped boost her career growth. When Entsimini, an agricultural newspaper owned by the same company, was struggling to find its audience, Cwayita saw an opportunity: “Entsimini needed a platform of its own to grow, so I decided to make it. I developed social media channels and incorporated videos to boost the content because visual content is more engaging.” Her actions successfully developed a following for the publication and established a network with local farmers who also had a social media presence — something that benefitted both the farmers and the publication. Cwayita feels strongly about community development and has worked on the company’s social media strategy to boost audience engagement. She has seen how beneficial it is for an audience to feel valued and heard, and she looks forward to deepening those relationships.


Elyse Popplewell
Content Strategy Director
News Corp Australia


About Elyse: Beginning as a social media editor, Elyse quickly proved her talent for finding new audiences: She rolled out a paid and organic social media strategy that yielded a 123% increase in referrals from Facebook and 406% increase in Instagram followers. Not surprisingly, that led to a rapid rise through the ranks, and today, as the content strategy director, she has led the newsroom’s digital transformation. Her vision included restructuring the existing teams and personally training more than 160 staff members in digital best practices. As a result, the newsroom has seen a 52% increase in Google referrals. One of her favourite things to do is bring together the experience of different departments and create cross-functional teams that can work together toward a common goal. She believes the success of the industry depends on breaking down the silos and starting to work together: “Regularly, marketing, editorial, and technology departments are not aligned on KPIs, and it allows too many disparate streams of work to occur, creating disharmony and inefficiencies,” she said, adding that, ideally, media companies must learn to operate in cross-functional teams. “This will allow for true collaboration.”


Nicola Wenz
News Producer
ZDF German TV


About Nicola: As a news producer covering stories in the United States for a German media company, Nicola interviews high-ranking politicians in Washington, D.C. It’s a prestigious role for ZDF Germany’s youngest news producer, and one she never expected to find herself in: “I never understood politics — never wanted to either. Now, I cannot go to sleep without reading Politico’s West Wing Playbook.” Nicola has landed big interviews that have eluded other, larger broadcast organisations, taking on such controversial topics as Tennessee drag queens and bunkers in South Dakota. The acting and improvisation classes she took in college now help her as she covers breaking news: “Five years ago, I thought I was going to be a stand-up comedian,” she said. Today, Nicola is eager to see where her interest in politics and news will take her. Her stories have gained some of the station’s highest viewership numbers, and she has impressed those around her with her tenacity and talent: “She works alongside the country’s top news network in and around the Capitol and White House,” said Benjamin Daniel, bureau correspondent. “She is an excellent producer and a brilliant journalist who asks all the right questions.”



  Emma Jungerth
Business Developer/Ad Product Strategy
Schibsted Markerting Services


About Emma: Four years ago, Emma joined Schibsted Marketing Services through its trainee programme. She has been on a growth trajectory from day one, but the past year has seen her career truly take off as she has become one of the company’s most professional and valued project leaders. Emma is always eager to take on high-profile projects with a broad range of technical complexity and deliverables. When new projects are initiated, Emma’s name is also at the top of the list as a preferred project leader — not just because of her technical proficiency but because of her willingness to learn, her curiosity, and her ambition to constantly improve the way she works and the outcomes she produces. “It’s not often you meet a young talent being that versatile in the sense she understands the business, the commercial needs, but also the product and system ecosystem behind it,” a colleague said. “Emma is one of those who is eager to understand the bigger picture to see where she can add the most value.”


Harini Manickam
Product Manager
HT Labs


About Harini: As product manager at Hindustan Times, Harini is part of the team that built its food site from the ground up. She was single-handedly responsible for setting up the digital analytics across the entire platform and has built an ever-growing online community on slurrp, which now surpasses 400,000 users. Thanks to her efforts, Slurrp has become one of India’s top three destinations for all things food related, and it has grown organically over the last three years, now boasting a monthly user base of 4.5 million. Much of this growth can be attributed directly to Harini’s contributions. Her journey to product management included computer science and data analytics, which equipped her with an impressive set of skills that help her approach each product with the right questions: who is it for, what is the value to the company, and how should it be built? Harini has proven herself to be a quick thinker while remaining composed and finding innovative solutions to address challenging problems. With her strong analytical skills and strategic approach, she is always able to keep the bigger picture of the business within her sights while keeping her team’s needs in mind.  


Germán Salazar
Product Designer
Gannett/USA Today Network
United States


About Germán: When Germán began working with Gannett, it didn’t take long for his supervisors to recognise they had a unique talent on their hands. Noting his maturity and design ability, they quickly made him a cornerstone of the product design team. Germán was an integral part of the discovery work and design documentation that led to creating USA Today Sports+, a standalone sports subscription concept. In addition, he was part of a small team that conducted subscriber interviews and provided insights to help Gannett continue serving small local markets with digital products. He also worked on Gannett’s award-winning Action Bar subscriber messaging module and is part of a team working on usability testing that will reshape Gannett’s content strategy. While Germán is a master in design and qualitative research, his people skills are what have helped make him such a popular fixture within the company. He is passionate about design but always keeps in mind that readers — not revenue strategies and engagement metrics — are the reason he gets up and goes to work every day.


Go Takagi
Software Engineer


About Go: Upon joining Nikkei in 2019 as a full stack engineer, Go first made a name for himself by developing the replica viewer app, which has 800,000 paid subscribers. Since then, he has continued using his extensive skills across the back-end, front-end, and UI design to improve the company’s products and develop them into smartphone apps with high user satisfaction levels. He has proven to be a valuable addition to the 140-year-old company, which enjoys a reputation as a reliable Japanese economic news media outlet but still wrestles with how to leverage the latest Web technologies. His forward-looking thinking has helped the company develop innovative products, contributing greatly to the company’s ability to deliver information to users in new ways. Part of Go’s success can be attributed to his ability to consider how each product will be received by users and then thinking about how to deliver a consistent user experience. His insight has made him a sought-after speaker at conferences. Now, Go is organising internships for students and hiring new graduates at Nikkei, ensuring it will be an attractive environment for the next generation of talent like himself.  


Francesca Wallace
Director of Digital Strategy and

News Corp Australia


About Francesca: When Francesca stepped into her role as director of digital strategy for News Corp Australia’s Prestige team, one of the first things she noticed was a gap in how data was being used to inform journalism. She hired and trained a new team to work on data-led stories and use reader and audience insights to adjust the editorial, social, e-commerce, and SEO strategy. As a result, Web site traffic jumped — and so did the commercial results: The site enjoyed a 200% YoY increase in performance and is being used as a model for other departments. On the heels of this success, she is launching the first video strategy for the Prestige brands, which include Vogue, Vogue Living, and GQ, creating a new way for audiences to consume that content. With a background in journalism, Francesca brings a keen understanding of what journalists need. “I think an understanding and literacy of digital platforms and best practice storytelling is crucial for journalists both young and old,” she said. “An understanding of both great journalism and data-led journalism to ensure consistency with numbers [is essential] to properly forecast and commercialise the work we all do.”


Reader revenue

Emma Bianchi
Senior Marketing Coordinator/Brand and Community Affairs
Boston Globe Media Partners
United States


About Emma: As an intern for Boston Globe Media, Emma quickly showed leaders what she had to offer. Her promotion to senior marketing coordinator has proven to be a benefit not only for the company but for the community as a whole. Serving as marketing lead for the launch of The B-Side, the company’s newest newsletter and social media initiative that targets young professionals, Emma’s actions helped grow followers and e-mail opt-ins at an aggressive pace, leading to hitting quarterly goals nearly three months ahead of schedule. She also developed strategic initiatives with various partnerships in Greater Boston to help create awareness and grow engagement, generating more than 20,000 followers in a short span of time. Her innovative thinking is reflected in every project she touches; she helped grow fundraising for the company’s Globe Santa project, which benefits nearly 30,000 children, by 70% and launched its first Venmo fundraising campaign. She also headed the launch of Boston Globe’s first school supply drive, bringing in more than 650 kits for needy Boston students. Emma understands the news media landscape and is changing the way the brand stands out to readers, advertisers, and the community it serves.


Mitch Gaylord
E-mail Marketing Manager
The Washington Post
United States


About Mitch: Having worked in several aspects of subscriber acquisition, Mitch is well-versed in acquisition, onboarding, and retention strategies. At The Washington Post, he has taken a lead role in automating e-mail journeys and, in his first six months on the job, launched two campaigns that outperformed their benchmarks by more than 50%. “In the modern news media landscape, having a well-rounded skill set that encompasses both technical and creative expertise is advantageous for tackling diverse challenges and driving innovation,” Mitch said. He uses the combination of those skills to convey the strategic vision, coordinate efforts, and align stakeholders to ensure everyone is working together on the same page. “I recognise the importance of collaboration; successful projects in news media require input from multiple departments.” The valuable experience he is gaining will help him achieve his goal to become well-rounded media professional, and he plans to bring fresh approaches and creativity to what is expected from e-mail marketing: “I want to expand my skill set, challenge conventional notions of e-mail marketing, and establish myself as an influential voice within the media industry.”


Moritz Johannes Klein
Head of Memberships
The Pioneer


About Moritz: When he joined the German media startup The Pioneer in 2022, Moritz wanted to make its value proposition more enticing. He created a business intelligence unit to analyse industry trends and conducted rigorous testing of pricing strategies. Those efforts resulted in creating a longer introductory offer and changing the expectation of conversion rates — a move that paid off with a 30% growth in subscriptions. “This approach not only accelerated our customer acquisition but also provided valuable data on customers who opted out after the trial phase,” he said, noting it now tailors special offers to the specific needs of potential subscribers. The new approach has changed The Pioneer’s commercial outcomes and deepened its understanding of audience behaviour, resulting in a more customer-centric approach to business. Moritz depends upon a multi-disciplinary approach and said collaboration is essential for overcoming the challenges in the modern news media landscape: “Reducing silos and breaking down the divisions between journalists, developers, tech experts, and the business side can foster collaboration, innovation, and cross-functional problem-solving. Creating a learning environment can empower media professionals to adapt swiftly to changing trends and technologies, delivering more accurate and reliable content to their audiences.” 


Jonah Listokin
E-mail Marketing Associate
United States


About Jonah: Jonah joined Bloomberg in December of 2021 and made his mark on the company quickly. A few of his key achievements include acquiring 34% more new subscribers via the e-mail channel year-over-year; improving e-mail channel conversion rate by six times;  and launching twice the volume of new e-mail campaigns in 2022 vs. 2021. He’s also pioneered many firsts for Bloomberg, including building and launching the first automated winback and upsell e-mail programmes, launching the first first Year In Review personalised reader e-mail campaign, and working with the product and engineering teams to build the first API connection from our ESP to Bloomberg’s in-house algorithms to power better content recommendations for customers in e-mail. Jonah understands who the Bloomberg reader is, why they come to the media company, and what challenges they face. “Jonah is a content sponge and always is up-to-date on the latest trends, articles, technologies and more in the space,” a colleague said. “He embodies the description of a rising star in news media with early career achievements, who is constantly innovating, influencing, and building up management skills to be a fantastic future leader.”  


Alexander Nordström
Business Developer/B2C
Stampen Media


About Alexander: Starting as a business manager for two of Stampen Media’s regional titles, Alexander moved into the role of business developer for reader revenue in March thanks to his keen ability to identify profitable business strategies and glean insights from complex data. With an in-depth knowledge of digital and social trends, he has consistently introduced innovative perspectives, nurturing an environment that is open to new ideas and ready for whatever the future holds. “My insights into digital trends — notably generative AI — and readiness to challenge conventional norms inspire innovation and progression,” he said. “I strive to bridge traditional media methods with modern audience needs, creating an ecosystem that mirrors today’s dynamic social landscape.” That requires continuous learning, Alexander said, so he launched an initiative called The Competence Hour, where he or one of his colleagues educate the team about emerging trends, cutting-edge tools, and other topics that can boost their innovation and efficiency. This helps foster collaboration and has strengthened bonds among team members while also better preparing them for the rapidly approaching changes in the industry: “It has cultivated an environment of intellectual curiosity and openness to new ideas, critical for any forward-thinking organisation.”


About the Young Professionals Initiative

INMA’s Young Professionals Initiative was set up to look at how to engage under-30 rising stars to help them elevate the news media, guide the INMA community, and bring new life and energy to an industry undergoing transformation. The Young Professionals Initiative is spearheaded by the Young Professionals Committee with seven members from around the world. 

About International News Media Association (INMA)

The International News Media Association (INMA) is a global community of market-leading news media companies reinventing how they engage audiences and grow revenue. The INMA community consists of over 21,000 members at 900+ news media companies in 92 countries. INMA is the news media industry’s foremost ideas-sharing network with members connected via conferences, reports, Webinars, virtual meetings, an unparalleled archive of best practices, and strategic initiatives focused on digital subscriptions, smart data, product, advertising, newsrooms, and the publisher relationships with Big Tech.

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