INMA releases “Smartphone Choices” report, focused on monetising mobile for media companies


INMA today released “The Smartphone Choices for Media Companies,” a strategic report that looks at developing products, audiences, and monetisation strategies for the fast-rising hand-held mobile device.

To access the INMA smartphone report:

Based on 18 case studies of media companies on six continents, the INMA report synthesizes best practices in smartphone development into a storyline of choices: 

  • Are smartphone products designed to build new audiences or add value for existing audiences? 
  • Is the smartphone a complement to other platforms or its own unique experience?
  • Is the company objective to build audience volume or fill up a tightly defined audience niche? 
  • Will the smartphone be used for the core news brand or the development of smaller passion niches?

Each media company’s choices drive the tactical realities of today: Mobile Web or app? Smartphone or tablet emphasis?

“The Smartphone Choices for Media Companies” by INMA looks at: 

  • Market opportunities for publishers.
  • Emerging strategies for publishers.
  • A profile of the smartphone audience.
  • Trends in smartphone product development.
  • Monetisation, notably advertising.
  • What publishers see next for the smartphone.

The 149-page INMA smartphone report is presented through two lenses:

  • A narrative developed by INMA based on the case studies.
  • The raw case studies themselves.

“This report breaks through 15 frustrating years of mobile product experimentation to answer the question: Where is the money with smartphones,” says Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “We answer that question – and then some – in this report.”

Click here for complete information on the report.

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