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INMA Researcher-in-Residence Greg Piechota is spending a lot of time focused on smart pricing these days. Where his mind and research go is a good indicator of where the industry should be paying attention.

“A lot of publishers built volume of subscribers in the COVID year because of the COVID bump,” he said. “But now actually is the time to make it a real business. Some suffered from loss of ad revenue or shutdown of in-person events. Digital subscriptions really need to make money now, so publishers are much smarter about pricing.” 

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While the well of knowledge on this topic isn’t as deep as some INMA Knows topics, it is growing quickly. INMA has curated research, much of it from Piechota, and case studies to illustrate the importance and success of smart pricing, including the case study of Politiken, which increased its price 400% — and had its best year ever in 2020.

Pricing strategies at news companies became even more important during the pandemic.
Pricing strategies at news companies became even more important during the pandemic.

Pricing is the fastest and most effective way for media businesses to increase profits, Piechota said: In the COVID year, pricing policy proved to be one of the most debated issues in the news industry, starting with decisions on whether to lift paywalls early in the pandemic, moving to different approaches to free and paid trials, and ending with the urgency to raise ARPU to make up for the lost ad revenue.

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