INMA announces 2nd-annual Global Innovation Awards for media companies


Fostering the idea of “innovating routinely” among news publishers is the focus of the 2nd Annual Global Innovation Awards announced this week by INMA.

The deadline for submitting entries is Friday, March 6. 

Go to for complete rules and information about how media companies can participate. 

INMA created the Global Innovation Awards to shine a light on the expanding body of work news media companies are contributing in the field of structured approaches to innovation: 

  • How do you systematically generate ideas from employees?
  • How to you incubate ideas or start-ups before going to market?
  • What programmes are you implementing to transform your corporate culture to promote entrepreneurialism, agility, and teamwork?
  • What initiatives are you undertaking to attract and retain young, multi-platform employees?
  • How do you infuse your workforce or the community you serve with innovation?

Through the Global Innovation Awards, INMA aims to surface examples of foundational efforts by media companies to change how work by media companies gets done in the Digital Age. INMA aims to reward the people, programmes, and processes behind this fast-developing innovation culture.

“The challenge for the news industry is separating ‘innovation as a process’ from ‘innovation as a cool idea,’” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “We want to reward the innovation processes that lead to more new products, more revenue, more efficiencies, a modern workforce, and better outcomes. 

“We are particularly inspired by the work done by David Kelley at IDEO, who told INMA World Congress attendees last year about the ‘thirst for innovation creativity’ that has taken off worldwide,” Wilkinson added. 

An INMA panel of judges will select five regional winners: 

  • Best in Asia/Pacific. 
  • Best in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. 
  • Best in Latin America. 
  • Best in North America. 
  • Best in South Asia.

And, ultimately, from these regional winners, INMA will announce the international winner of the 2015 Global Innovation Award at the closing dinner of the INMA World Congress on Tuesday, May 12, at the Edison Ballroom in New York’s Times Square.

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