Generative AI for news subscription marketing is focus of new INMA report

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


How news subscription marketers can use generative AI tools to save time, improve scalability, and increase the effectiveness of reader engagement is the focus of a new report released today by the International News Media Association (INMA).

AI Guide and ChatGPT Promptbook for News Marketers explores:

  • Use cases for generative AI in news subscription marketing. 
  • Best practices and limitations for using generative AI tools.
  • The generative AI landscape and a review of the top tools useful in marketing.
  • The business case for applying generative AI in marketing copywriting. 

The INMA report spotlights use cases of generative AI tools in news subscription marketing, specifically centered on writing assistance.  

Report author Greg Piechota used prompts within ChatGPT to plan a fictional subscription offer for The New York Times.
Report author Greg Piechota used prompts within ChatGPT to plan a fictional subscription offer for The New York Times.

According to the report, generative AI tools can assist with a host of marketing tasks such as executing nurture campaigns, creating compelling advertising, designing and optimising Web sites, and more. 

AI Guide and ChatGPT Promptbook for News Marketers aims to be a practical guide for marketing teams, including examples of effective prompts and step-by-step instructions, and showcases practical scenarios like:

  • Streamlining customer and product discovery.
  • Analysing, drafting, and iterating engaging copy for advertisements, paywalls, or offer landing pages.
  • Planning engagement e-mails, such as onboarding series, and tailoring them to different audiences. 

Written by INMA Researcher-in-Residence Greg Piechota, lead of the INMA Readers First Initiative, the report dives into the capabilities of new AI tools, based on a review by INMA of the top 15 generative AI tools and in-depth testing of the top three of them. 

By leveraging the new tools, Piechota argues marketers can gain a competitive edge:

  • On average, a generative AI tool needs to save a marketer as little as 48 minutes per working week to pay for itself. 
  • Separately, an average publisher can expect up to 5,700% return on investment if using generative AI to personalise its marketing and achieved an average lift in conversions.

While Piechota is careful to point out the risks associated with the new technology, the report concludes that generative AI is advanced and productised enough for marketing copywriting today — without much initial investment in technology or need for training.  

AI Guide and ChatGPT Promptbook for News Marketers, available for free to INMA members and registered users, can be downloaded at All INMA reports can be found here.

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