5th-Annual INMA Media Subscriptions Summit focuses on scaling up growth

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


How media companies build an engine for scaling up digital subscriptions is the focus of the fifth-annual INMA Media Subscriptions Summit February 1-15.   

The 2022 version of the news industry’s signature event dedicated to digital subscriptions will focus on the latest and best strategies, processes, and technologies for customer acquisition, retention, and monetisation.   

Greg Piechota, the lead for INMA’s Readers First Initiative, is curating the summit agenda.   

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Held virtually for a second year, the INMA Media Subscriptions Summit will explore the next phase in digital subscriptions — where serving the public with great journalism is crucial but not enough. 

Registration for the early February event is now open.
Registration for the early February event is now open.

“Heavy news consumers kickstarted your subscription programmes, but they won’t sustain growth,” Piechota said. “It’s time to look at your value proposition, marketing mix, tech infrastructure, people, processes, and ask: Are we ready for scaling up?”

Across five modules and nearly 13 hours of programming, the INMA summit will focus on:

  • Media subscriptions in the COVID era.
  • Best practices of subscription leaders. 
  • Core capabilities of subscription-first businesses. 
  • The new focus on pricing and bundling for growth. 
  • How to create an engine for subscription growth.

Summit registrants have access to the livestream, recordings, and presentations.   

Piechota said the emerging formula for media companies to create a subscription growth engine includes:

  • Rethinking the core news product.
  • New marketing strategies.
  • Data and technology stacks ready for AI and automation.
  • Investments in customer experience.
  • Agile work methods and cross-disciplinary structures. 

“INMA aims to help you and your team benchmark the maturity of your reader revenue programme, understand the evolving core capabilities, spot gaps in your growth plan and inspire new opportunities, and help build the engine to drive the next 10 years,” Piechota said.

Among the topics to be covered in the INMA Media Subscriptions Summit:

  • What are the strategies and tactics behind the record-breaking growth of subscription leaders in the past three years?
  • What does success look like for beginners, intermediate, and mature subscription programmes?
  • When to focus on acquisition and when on retention? How to coordinate the two?
  • How to help casual readers form habits regardless of the news cycle?
  • What is the role of audio and video in the subscription value proposition?
  • What to make of the rise of Web3 technologies, such as crypto, NFTs and metaverse?
  • Where to invest your marketing budget – building brand or driving performance?
  • Where should you expand – to new geographies or to new customer segments?
  • What marketing technologies out there help improve effectiveness and efficiency?
  • What is the return on investment in AI and automation?
  • What are best practices in subscription product development?
  • What is the role of customer service teams in digital relationships?
  • How to manage change to customer-centric, data-positive and subscription-first culture?
  • How to win the arms race for the best content and talent with new competitors?

The INMA Media Subscriptions Summit was held in London, Stockholm, and New York in 2018-2020 before going virtual during the pandemic last year. INMA aims to restart the physical Subscriptions Summit in 2023. 

The Summit Web site is now available for registrations. The early, discounted registration deadline is Tuesday, January 25. 

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