Why your media company should hire an intern

Over the past couple of years, I have written about working on projects with such academic institutions as Stanford, Northwestern, and Columbia University and the value one gets from engaging with such high-level learning and talent.

Another way we are benefiting is by having the luxury of an intern on our staff from California State University Sacramento (CSUS).

Lauren Lombardo is a senior majoring in economics with an interest in how the economy impacts politics. She is spending the third and fourth quarters with us as a research analyst, helping us fulfill information requests from the advertising division, as well as develop materials to help us educate staff and advertisers.

I want to share just a couple of examples of where Lauren’s interest and intelligence are helping us in the office:

  1. She will be sharing her findings with us regarding a CSUS research project aimed at better understanding how the economy (and how people feel about economic conditions) can impact people’s emotions and, therefore, their political voting behaviour. Some really smart stuff!

  2. And, as we continue to hear from our advertising clients about their desire to reach Millennials, Lauren researched and wrote white papers on the two major consumer generations: baby boomers and Millennials. The Millennials white paper was especially interesting for us, as Lauren is a Millennial and can help us relate to key insights.

    The white papers will serve as the foundation for educating our sales staff with powerful perspectives and talking points to be seen as experts on generational issues when engaging clients.

Interns can be a great addition to increase your staff horsepower while also attempting to ensure they have a learning opportunity in a real work environment.

Although Lauren is only with us through the first week of December, she has made a great contribution to our staff and production levels. It has been a pleasure to have her on staff and we wish her well as she continues to pursue her education!

Now, it’s back to recruiting for the next student with an interest in a real valuable learning experience for us both!

An intern: a valuable opportunity to enhance your team.

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