Think like your customer’s customer


As the world sprints head long into an ever more digitally interactive environment, understanding consumer behaviour deserves a lot more attention.

Correctly predicting consumer behaviour can be the difference between a winning or losing campaign strategy.

When consumers are online researching products, they are a hot lead if you can connect with them. They are actively engaged in the process of learning (researching) as they prepare to make a purchase decision.

Depending on the product or service, consumers are going to do one of two things when presented with information they have been searching for:

  1. They are going to make the decision to buy (complete a transaction).

  2. Or, most of the time, they will continue on to other Web sites to do more research, comparison shop, find locations, compare prices, etc.

If you don’t have your advertising client on a re-targeting programme, you (and your client) are missing a great opportunity.

As consumers continue to do their research, retargeting them as they move from Web site to Web site can keep your client’s ad/special offer top-of-mind in front of them.

Having an invitation to buy from your client in front of researching consumers, even when on a competitor’s Web site, may just be enough to persuade them to buy from you. A re-targeting campaign that gets a special offer in front of your consumer targets as they continue to research their purchasing decision will improve conversions.

Think like your customer’s customer. Help your advertisers complete more conversions by thinking like consumers and staying in front of them with tempting offers to buy when they are doing their homework.

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