The argument for keeping human intelligence in Artificial Intelligence

By Darrell Kunken

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, California, USA


A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Jennifer Williams (our digital strategy and development director) and I had the opportunity to speak at the 10th Future of Media Conference held at Microsoft in San Francisco.

The conference, put on by Martha Williams, CEO of Data & AI for Media, United States, was an opportunity to share and learn from others around the world on the topic of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in media.

It was a valuable time investment to connect with some exceptionally smart and talented people and be exposed to many products, ideas, and thoughts on how the industry continues to change and improve for the future.

Artificial Intelligence is efficient and effective, but a human touch is still necessary.
Artificial Intelligence is efficient and effective, but a human touch is still necessary.

The future is one of more data, automation, and personalisation made possible by machine learning. AI is making better experiences and outcomes for business and consumers possible. AI is powering the ability to process huge volumes of data faster with outputs specific to needs.

But AI still benefits from the human touch (human intelligence).

Maximising outcomes for your business or industry still requires the assembly of the right team. That human team keeps things moving and finds the benefits that can keep your organisation at the front of the pack. It still requires humans to relate what is going on … to humans.

Use AI to surprise and delight your customers. Use the technologies to speed up your transformation, and keep an eye on your purpose.

Even as machine learning advances consumer and business opportunities, keep human intelligence involved in the AI process.

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