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Strategic marketing e-mail delivers relevant information to SMBs

By Darrell Kunken

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, California, USA


Business owners and marketers have finally tuned in to the value of data and how their focus on data can be the key to growing their businesses.

But, while most businesses have data, the majority still do not have the time or resources to put that data to work for them. A local business is also being called on by someone selling advertising an average of 24 times each month

Clearly the scenario is one where small businesses are facing a faster-paced economy, filled with many more complex choices from the digital economy (not to mention Amazon or responsive retail). And there are many more voices vying for their attention while each claims to have the better answer.

The small business owner might see an equation looking something like this.

There is a lot of information for SMBs to evaluate.
There is a lot of information for SMBs to evaluate.

The BeeMedia-proposed solution is one of working with a long-standing, brand-safe, trusted company that has a strategic marketing team to focus on such situations. We understand the value of data, and we work directly with local businesses and their own data. We have the business-to-consumer focus in common with our clients. Our job is to find them customers.

In an effort to get that word out and communicate our capabilities and insights, we have created a weekly e-mail, the B2C Research Minute. Designed as an avenue to share (what we hope are valuable) marketing insights with more than 9,000 local business owners and marketers, the B2C Research Minute features contributions from members of our strategic marketing team.

The daily e-mail blast is sent to more than 9,000 local business owners.
The daily e-mail blast is sent to more than 9,000 local business owners.

Various personnel contribute. We have senior consumer marketing strategists, a senior data analyst, cartographers, and a content writer, and they can all offer valuable insights from their professional points of view.

Daily, our staff comes across a lot of information and we often find ourselves saying, “that’s interesting and worth sharing.” This is one way we can share some insights and hopefully drum up interest and conversations.

As hard as we have to work to keep up with everything going on, we might as well share those insights!

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