Sacramento Bee gains local digital advertising share with in-house offering


As we enter 2014, we know where the market has gone and will continue to go.

Digital marketing options today are garnering more and more ad dollars at an accelerated rate. According to Borrell estimates, at 24%, the online channel captured the largest share of local ad spending in our CBSA (core based statistical area) this past year.

In 2014, online spending is projected to grow an astounding 40% (+US$58 million) over 2013. The need to aggressively compete and capture a larger share of the expanding digital business has never been more apparent.

Success will come by serving the needs of the client. With a dizzying number of options to choose from, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) can take advantage of a turn-key solution from a trusted source. Our solution is “Impress Local,” a full line of digital options that are customisable to the needs of the business.

From the needs assessment, a campaign can be developed that utilises the proper components from a full suite of digital options, which include reputation intelligence, social, search, targeted, and re-targeted display. All of these components have trackable performance metrics that report results through the (private to the business and their rep) Impress Local online dashboard.

Monitoring results as the campaign unfolds enables the rep to work with the marketing/decision-maker to optimise the campaign by making adjustments to improve performance over time. You can populate your digital (and print) ads with call tracking numbers that allow you to track calls and even listen in on consumer calls that result from your advertising.

Impress Local provides a win-win solution for both the local SMB and The Sacramento Bee:

  • From social reputation intelligence to targeted display and mobile, it is the best local digital portfolio in a comprehensive turn-key offering.

  • The variety of digital touchpoints creates customer-building connections at all levels of the consumer purchase funnel, and visible return on investment (ROI).

  • The online dashboard report of performance metrics provides information for the rep and retailer to monitor for continuous learning and optimisation.

  • It provides a flexible platform that can evolve with future offerings.

  • It provides a focal point as an integrated digital business solution.

As we look to the future, we must have quality, integrated digital solutions that provide superior results for our clients.  

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