Sacramento Bee finds sometimes it’s more about participation than presentation


The past few years of recessionary economy have been pretty hard on Sacramento, California. But some of the bigger roadblocks are beginning to be removed, and key market indicators are turning very positive again.

When Steve Howard, major accounts manager at The Sacramento Bee, was preparing to attend NAA this past April, he requested a non-traditional presentation. His vision was simple, yet effective. His goal was to have the major and national clients he met with to literally “think Sacramento” again.

To that end, we developed a non-traditional method enabling a conversational presentation. This flexible tool can be informative and spark discussion when used in a more casual setting.

There are times when you have just one or two in your audience and find yourself in a restaurant, hotel lobby, or bar. It allows the user to take a conversation in any direction desired, sharing numerous points or just a few, but not be restricted to a linear deck format.

Using WordPress, we built an adaptive design Web site, Because editing is fairly easy, our staff (there’s no need for a programmer or developer to touch it every time) can quickly update new employment figures or big headline happenings in Sacramento that we want people to know about.

The site opens under any platform (PC, tablet, cell phone) and across any operating system (Apple or Android). Playing with the site, you will notice it will adapt to the orientation of your device.

Early opportunities to use the site have worked out well. It can help make conversations efficient and specific to your points, while also helping users to learn enough from clients to go back to the office to prepare for next steps.

If you try out, you will see up-to-date information on the market that we want our business clients to know about. We are continuously changing and updating and are currently in the process of making the site more useful for local sales efforts, as well.

The market is coming back: Firms are hiring; the unemployment rate is improving; houses are under construction and selling again. Consumers are buying and the Kings are staying!

We are spending some of our precious time to keep folks informed on why they should again “think Sacramento!” There are a lot of good things happening again in Sacramento.

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