Rheinische Post embraces culture change for future

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


Irene Wenderoth-Alt, deputy chair of the supervisory board at Rheinische Post Mediengruppe, describes her company as a “very traditional” news media company with a top down culture change programme.

“The main point is that in our company, we have to create a culture of adopting all this,” she said during an INMA Silicon Valley Study Tour.

Such change takes time, which is a problem, Wenderoth-Alt says: “Things are changing so rapidly that we don’t have so much time.”

Attracting the right people — those who are comfortable with new technologies — requires being an attractive brand. And being an attractive brand means properly managing this culture change, Wenderoth-Alt says.

Different departments within Rheinische Post, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, are moving at different speeds. Editorial, for example, is moving faster toward new technology than other departments, like marketing: “We have to speed them up.”

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