Research shows newspaper advertisements across platforms deliver best results


Newspapers extend across media. So the advertisments can — and should — be delivered the same way. There is robust research to demonstrate the soundness of this “one-two” advertising strategy.

Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten  undertook research with its print and Web products. The company investigated key advertiser issues. On every element measured, advertising in both places, print and Web, was more effective than print alone:

  • Advertising recall was boosted by 35%.

  • The link between the message and the advertiser (i.e. knowledge of advertiser) was 36% higher using both products.

  • Ad engagement went up by 51%.

  • And, finally and most importantly, intention to take action went up by 85%!

Media house MPG investigated the question of effectiveness of one media versus a multi-media buy. The research included not just hard metrics but qualitative evaluations, as well. MPG concluded that multi-media was more effective for advertisers.

Kate Cox, head of strategy at MPG, stated: “Multi-channel campaigns are more effective than single-channel ones…. We see a clear picture of that for both hard and soft metrics.”

Intuitively these results make sense. Frequency is being layered across media. And a different element of the advertiser’s message can be highlighted in the different environments.

This allows for both a detailed, copy-heavy message in print, supported by a strong visual element with a quick takeaway online, combined with the option to add multi-media elements, such as video.

Finally, this also fits with how the advertiser’s target is sourcing news.

We have found that readers engage with newspaper brands six times a day – using multiple devices. Having an advertiser’s message in each place reinforces it.

Newspaper media pack an advertising punch!

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