McClatchy launches customer data center, provides advertisers with audience information


McClatchy has launched the McClatchy Customer Data Center (MCDC), a more formal analysis process for building value for advertising clients.

Print, digital, niche products — this is not what we are selling. We are selling exposure to an audience, an audience that will transact with our business partners.

MCDC brings the focus of the conversation down to the most important common denominator for any business: Who are my most valuable customers and how do I keep building my business through customer acquisition?

Working with a local business and using the Nielsen SMS suite of tools, the MCDC process profiles the local businesses customer file, resulting in a PRIZM life-stage segmentation.

Educating a local business on the concept of PRIZM segmentation and the value of knowing what different customer types are primary business drivers is a valuable part of having us as a business partner.

Having discussions with a business about its own customer analysis and illustrating the communication or distribution channels that are best utilised to find more of them remains a solid, sound approach. We have so many ways to reach the right targeted consumer segments, it is powerful when driven by real business data.

The logical process of keeping our business partners on top of their game is what we deliver.

The customer file analysis includes:

  • A profile of the local retail trade area.

  • Its own customer profile within that trade area.

  • A geographic map of the business footprint.

  • A geographic map of where the market holds the greatest potential for the business.

  • A media utility index that reveals what communication channels hold the best opportunity for exposure and transaction business.

It’s good, solid information that opens meaningful dialogue and feeds discussions centered on campaign strategy, new customer acquisition, retention, and repeat buying strategies focused on valuable consumer segments.

It’s data that not only keeps us in the game, but puts us in a leading position to win the game.

With so many options available, with so many claims of the best mouse trap for their business, how does an advertiser decide on the best line of approach? They need good data and a logical process with which to evaluate it.

We are business partners that can help them win in business. We all should focus on customer data.

The one constant in our era of change is the customer remains our most valuable asset.

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