Gannett helps advertisers grow, brings in revenue with customised strategic services


Serving local customers in a way that differentiates Gannett from its local media competitors is a key strategic initiative. An in-house strategic team was created several years ago to accomplish just this. In the middle of 2014, the structure and role was slightly redefined, but the mission stayed the same.

The client solutions teams imbedded in Gannett’s local media organisations are focused on bringing all of the tools to bear on local accounts to grow their business, while also growing revenue in its local markets.

This can include brand development, primary and secondary research, strategy development, promotion, media planning, creative development, and execution, among many other services.

Client Solutions is a service for existing accounts but also a key strategy in acquiring new business. Gannett’s metro markets have client stategy managers who align with enterprise account sale executives. This combined team works to understand local busnesses, their marketing objectives, their customers’ needs, and the reality of their business segment.

An example of putting Client Solutions to work at Republic Media in Phoenix is a case study on a local automotive group.

This client was in the market for a full-service marketing strategy and execution support. Republic Media was able to differentiate itself from other options to secure a new partnership.

Armed with detailed sales data, unparalleled market knowledge, and outstanding creative product, the campaign goals were to grow trade area market share, grow unit sales, and increase awareness of the automotive group’s name.

Republic Media set about identifying emotional pillars that could motivate buyers when it came to the automotive group brand. These pillars were then validated using reader study panels.

The Republic Media Client Solutions group then went about developing a series of integrated advertising and promotional campaigns to support the over-arching message. The team utilised metrics available in Polk Insights (an auto specialty research tool) along with RAM ad tracking metrics to identify the impact the campaigns had on various rooftops.

Brand awareness grew. And the dealerships grew market share of auto sales in their designated market area.

This is a long-term relationship between Republic Media and the automotive group. This unparalleled strategy and service makes this much more than a customer and vendor relationship. Republic Media is seen as a solid contributor to business strategy.

Client Solutions is an investment Gannett has made in its most valuable local clients. The payoff is understanding a business and helping to truly drive growth for that business.

By also differentiating from other local media, Gannet is able to deliver on its value proposition of engaged audiences, sophisticated marketing, and a robust product toolbox, all coming together in integrated solutions for customers.

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