Focus on the “why” of an advertising plan to win over clients

By Darrell Kunken

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, California, USA


Winning advertising clients today requires they can be convinced that you can build the best marketing plan to help them meet their goals. Keeping the building blocks for that plan simple is a key to success.

Understanding why consumers behave the way they do offers valuable information to advertising clients.
Understanding why consumers behave the way they do offers valuable information to advertising clients.

A clear definition of these five variables provides the focus and guidance from which to build a foundation:

  • Who: Demonstrate you can identify and personify the ideal target audience that will move the needle on growth for the client’s business.
  • What: Illustrate your team is dialed in to the client’s goals and has a plan to measure and report.
  • When: When will the campaign be executed? And, generally speaking, when do you recommend promoting it to follow the seasonality’s swings? Don’t just set it and forget it.
  • Where: Where are their outlets and geo-locations or retail footprints? And where are their ideal personified customers in relation to specific locations or shopping options?
  • Why: What is the unique selling position? What’s in it for the customer/consumer? Why is the consumer choosing (or not) to purchase the client’s product or service?

Your pitch becomes infinitely stronger if you can explain why a consumer makes the decision to buy from your client. Understanding the why is sometimes the hardest element to discern, but it is gold in providing valuable insights about consumer behaviours to retailers and their marketing partner(s).

Providing insights related to the consumer experience that leads up to a purchase, or a decision not to purchase, enables decision-making that can make the difference in a successful versus unsuccessful plan.

Focus on the consumer experience, bringing answers to why a customer will buy from your advertising client, and you will see success.

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