Digital advertising march continues in 2017

By Darrell Kunken

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, California, USA


Chances are 2017 will mark even greater ad spending and an evolution of tactics from digital platforms.

It was just 10 years ago that Steve Jobs took the stage to introduce Apple’s first iPhone.

The smartphone has been used for many purposes since the day it came on the market.
The smartphone has been used for many purposes since the day it came on the market.

The world hasn’t been the same since that device catapulted the adoption of smartphones worldwide and put convenient access to amazing information right in the hand of the consumer.

Think about the changes the smartphone has been a catalyst for.

The iPhone’s 10th birthday comes at a time when more than 80% of adults in our local metropolican area now own one, and more than 75% of adults own one nationwide.

Smartphone ownership continues to rise.
Smartphone ownership continues to rise.

The smartphone will continue to transform our way of doing things moving forward.

The global smartphone install base is set to grow 50% in the next four years to six billion devices, totaling US$355 billion in revenues, as reported by CNBC.

“Mobile innovations, new business models, and mobile technologies are transforming every adjacent market as the mobile industry diversifies from the maturing smartphone market,” said Ian Fogg, director at IHS Technology.

For the ad industry, we must take note that the recent holiday season saw a healthy upturn in sales, and they were driven via online.

As Borrell Associates has reported, 2017 is set to be a watershed year as advertisers continue to increase their share that is spent in digital advertising.

Digital advertising is increasing as traditional advertising decreases.
Digital advertising is increasing as traditional advertising decreases.

There is so much opportunity to harness the momentum behind this trend.

We need to win in the arena of digital marketing versus selling digital advertising.

Our winning ways are established because we should be the most capable in our markets, the best option, and consulting partners that bring more to the table. But, as Borrell reported from its 2016 SMB Survey, we need to prove it to those SMBs that have not yet seen what they need or want from our sales staffs in general.

The fact marketing is now run on metrics and data, and we can measure, report, and optimise, is understood. But it must start with a deep understanding of the consumer, his path-to-purchase, and measured, reported proof that we are his marketing partner getting it done.

As we and our business partners are reading the volumes of predictions and trends in store for 2017, we need to cut through clutter and define the marketing opportunities. Then we need to execute.

We have the capabilities. And we will be developing new go-to market strategies, as well as new and better ways of serving our clients and telling their stories.

This year — 2017 — is going to be our year of doing and winning.

Are you the best in your market?

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