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Data makes marketing efforts more appealing to potential home buyers

By Darrell Kunken

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, California, USA


Sure, we can market to people looking to buy new homes. It is part of what we do.

But what if you (a new home development sales and marketing office) could learn more about your buyer’s goals and motivations for buying a new home?

Knowing where new buyers are moving from offers valuable marketing information for developers.
Knowing where new buyers are moving from offers valuable marketing information for developers.

Katie Murphy, customer specialist analyst, did just that.

By recording the addresses of where the new home buyers are moving from, the new home development gains a greater understanding of:

  • Geographically, where buyers are coming from and how far they are moving.

  • What kind of home they are moving from.

  • What the most influential motivators are for the home they are moving to.

PRIZM Lifestage codes can reveal the profile of the buyers, based on their current address (where they are moving from).

The address new home buyers are moving to and the knowledge of each model at the development makes it easy to determine how their Lifestage profiles may be changing when they move to their new home.

Aside from the great amenities the development may be advertising — large homes, smaller more efficient space homes, solar, small lawns, large lawns, great schools, golf courses, etc. — what are the big aspects the potential buyers find valuable?

PRIZM coding early buyers develops a view of who your new home development is appealing to. Some young affluent buyers may be preparing to expand their family. Some families have already outgrown their current address and are upsizing. Yet, clearly some affluent mature adults are downsizing, based on where they used to live.

The power of the marketing messaging grows as the motivations of the buyers are revealed.

At this point, the builder can market more specific benefits to those buyer segments through creative and messaging that will resonate based on a better understanding of the goals buyers have for buying their new home.

The account manager has a wealth of information available to develop a strong, multi-channel strategy for messaging the different types of consumer buyers that will end up there.

The moral of this story is that ongoing research before, during, and after the sales process builds tremendous value at various stages of the sales process. This learning can only help the results with the next development!

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