Business opportunities emerge as retail transformation plays out

By Darrell Kunken

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, California, USA


This chart of Borrell data displays the estimated change in ad spending for business categories.

The solid black line in the middle is 0%. Above the zero line, the dots represent growth for a business category in local digital marketing spend in just one year’s time.

Below the zero line, we see the dots representing the change in spending with newspapers and local TV for the same list of retail categories. All dots are flat or negative.

People are spending in different areas, and media companies need to answer with new solutions.
People are spending in different areas, and media companies need to answer with new solutions.

Combine these spending trends with the correction that is playing out with store closings in many retail sectors and you have a perfect storm. Consumer consumption and media habits are changing, advertising philosophies are changing, and retail is working to change its approach to moving targets.

The common denominator is the consumer. The customer the retailer seeks is still the same consumer of media and information as before. The consumer just has a more complex path-to-purchase due to fast evolving opportunities and the adoption of new habits.

Yet, in this seemly state of chaos, there is a great opportunity.

The opportunity is for us to complete that transformation from researchers or ad sales executives and become true marketers and business partners at a new level. We can be a valuable business partner in most every category of business.

The truth is, businesses need help. What a great opportunity that presents to us.

Become a true partner in information sharing, analysis, strategy building, measurement, and ROI modeling, resulting in growing business in this disrupted world. Be their marketer, because good marketing sells.

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